White House Heritage junior wrestler Luke Taylor had a big day at the Bigfoot Grapping Challenge on Saturday, June 27.

Taylor earned a pair of gold medals at the jiu-jitsu tournament, which was hosted by Jason Matherley at The Academy in Millersville.

Taylor, one of Heritage’s wrestling captains, opened the tournament with a victory over Zack Lozano (Hendersonville) in the white belt 150-pound-and-under category. Taylor won the superfight by submission.

In the white belt 180-pound-and-under category, there was an open superfight and Taylor offered to step in and compete. Taylor defeated Elijah Haynes by submission despite being at a 20-plus pound disadvantage.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu differs from other forms of grappling in that it focuses on ground fighting and manipulation of the opponent into submission. Wrestling emphasizes takedowns and being on top as the dominant position.

Taylor and Heritage teammate Kyle Watts became the first Patriots to advance to the TSSAA Class A-AA individual state championships in February. Both wrestlers finished 2-2 and were eliminated from the tournament.

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