CEDAR HILL - Jo Byrns is still seeking its first win of the season after a 16-8 loss to Clay County Friday night. 

“We’ve got to get more physical up front,” said Jo Byrns head coach Tom Adkins. 

Clay County scored on the opening drive and added a two-point conversion.

The first and only touchdown for Jo Byrns came after a 51-yard pass from Ryan Dowlen to D.J. Johnson to set the Red Devils up on the 8-yard line. Jake Chennault carried the ball the final 8 yards for a touchdown. Chennault added the two-point conversion to tie the game 8-8. 

The scores were the only points Clay County has allowed so far this season. 

“Dowlen made a good throw. D.J. made a good catch, got us inside the 10,” Adkins said. “Then we punch it in, then another big play on the two-point conversion to tie it at eight going into halftime. So we rebounded after that first series.”

The third quarter flew by with each team on offense once each. After the Bulldogs pulled off a fake punt attempt, they scored early in the fourth and added the two-point conversion.

The Red Devils pushed the ball into the red zone late in the fourth. But after two unsportsmanlike penalties, Jo Byrns faced fourth and goal from the 31-yard line and were unable to convert.  

“We’re a young football team. We have some growing up to do,” Adkins said.

Following an off week, Chennault and Maxie Owens returned to action for the Red Devils on Friday.

Clay County QB Jake Ashlock hooked up with receiver Wyatt Burks for two touchdowns. The first was a 16-yard pass in the first quarter, and the second was a 6-yard, game-winner with 11:11 left to play. 

Jo Byrns will travel to Houston County (3-0) on Friday, Sept. 13 at 7 p.m.

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