The Greenbrier Lady Bobcats picked up a 2-1 victory at home Tuesday night, exacting revenge from an earlier loss to the East Robertson Lady Indians.

Greenbrier head coach Jonathan Sutton is out on paternity leave this week, so Will Fisher patrolled the sidelines and led the team.

Since Sutton has been out, the Bobcats have won their last two games. They defeated Mount Juliet Christian Academy on Monday night 3-0.

Fisher said it was “huge” to walk away with a win after the defeat earlier this season.

“We played hard a few weeks ago, but anything that could have (gone) wrong, went wrong in that game,” Fisher said. “Tonight, we were able to get ahead on them and play hard the whole game and get the win.”

Junior goalkeeper Ava Pierce gave up only one goal her last two games. Anytime the keeper can do that, the chances of winning go up.

“She played great,” Fisher said. “She had a bad game the first time we played East Robertson. She had a few blind moments and gave them a couple quick, easy goals, and it was hard to recover. Tonight, she played phenomenal. She gave up only one goal, and she had a lot of saves, so I was very proud of her.”

Freshman Emilie Sheltra scored both goals Tuesday night and all three against MJCA for the Bobcats.

The Lady Indians were missing Payton Lackey, who scored three of their six goals in the first meeting, but ERHS head coach Todd Evilcizer was not willing to use her absence to explain away the loss.

“I’m not going to make excuses,” Evilcizer said. “Basically, we have a player out, but in the end, it doesn’t mean anything. There are other girls that needed to step up tonight, and we did not do that.”

Weather and the pandemic have drastically changed East Robertson's schedule, so they have not played a game since the last time these two teams faced each other on Sept. 3. Evilcizer can see the effect the lack of games is having on his team

“We’re halfway, and that’s only our fourth game,” Evilcizer said. “We can’t find any rhythm because all we’re doing is practicing.”

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