A new "Tag before you Drag" rule is in effect this deer season.

New deer tagging rule: With deer archery season opening Sept. 26, hunters are reminded of a new rule requiring kills to be tagged before they are transported from the field.

The “Tag Before You Drag” regulation is explained in the new 2020-21 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide, available at most area outdoors outlets, and on the TWRA website,

When a deer or turkey is killed, a paper “kill tag” must be attached to it, or it must be checked in on a smart phone before transporting.

The paper tags can be printed out at

If a paper tag is used, the kill must later be checked in at a checking site or on-line.

To keep the paper tags from tearing loose, they can be laminated with strips of Scotch tape or encased in a small plastic bag attached to the animal.

CWD testing: Hunters are asked to drop off heads of harvested deer at a freezer at Cedars of Lebanon State Park for Chronic Wasting Disease testing.

The heads can be dropped off during regular park hours. If that’s not possible, they can be dropped off the following day.

They will be collected by a biologist and shipped off for testing, as the TWRA continues to monitor the spread of the deadly deer disease. So far, CWD is limited to a few West Tennessee counties, with no positive tests in Middle Tennessee.

CWD input: Hunters are invited to submit questions or suggestions about CWD on two upcoming live Facebook sessions, or email them to

Detailed information is available at the TWRA website,

Some of the input or questions may be included in the next Tennessee Fish & Wildlife Commission meeting.

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Backyard habitat: The Tennessee Wildlife Federation offers tips on how to make back yards attractive to birds and wildlife for year-round viewing and photography.

Visit the TWF website for details on habitat planning and management.

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