Schools reopen

The Robertson County Schools system has announced the main features of its reopening plan for the fall of 2020.

In a statement released Thursday, Director of Schools Dr. Chris Causey, said that feedback from a recent survey, which included almost 5,000 families representing over 8,000 students, as well as input from teachers and other faculty and staff, was positive for the reopening.

“It is encouraging to know that many of our families want their children to return to their school in August, and we are excited to announce that these students will have the opportunity to return to school all day, Monday through Friday.” Causey said in the statement. “Procedures and protocols are being worked out at this time to keep these students as safe as possible in our school buildings and on our school busses.”

Causey said the feedback from the community also shows that many families are concerned about sending their students back to a school in August.

“For this reason, Robertson County Schools will be offering a virtual option to parents and students who would like that choice,” he said. “This option will also be available to those students who are absent from school for an extended amount of time due to COVID19.

“Lastly, we are exploring hybrid options which will be released in the near future. We thank you for your patience as we solidify the details of these plans.”

Causey said additional information regarding the reopening plan will be released on July 13 at the regularly scheduled school board meeting.

This meeting will be a public meeting, but will be limited to 50 visitors. It will also be streamed live at

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