Cedar Hill

Richard and Leann Ewing to Becca Tate and Logan Seeley, 4263 Fykes Grove Rd., Cedar Hill, $169,900.

Glenn and Pamela Mayo to Jack and Teresa Martin, 3454 Catholic Church Rd., Cedar Hill, $401,500.

William and Bridget Farmer to Jessica Mitchell, 4827 Sory St., Cedar Hill, $135,900.

Leonard and Kenneth Bell to Laura and James Taylor, 4486 Maggie Farmer Rd., Cedar Hill, 4235,000.


Corbin and Nikki Arnold to Dennis and Susan Burke, 481 Tyler Ct., Cottontown, $369,900.

Cathrine Thompson to Chelsey and Harrison Nearn, 1410 Cantrell Dr., Cottontown, $333,000.

Tommy and Shirley Jackson to Dianne Taylor, 412 Tyler Ct., Cottontown, $305,000.

Cross Plains

Scott and Malaika Ballard to Jason Webb, 82 Deer Run Rd., Cross Plains, $457,000.

Spencer and Sara Williams to Raymond and Brandee Coonce, Jr., 1197 Bonnie Ln., Cross Plains, $259,999.

Jay and Tammye Groves to Leo Landry, 0 Guthrie Rd., Cross Plains, $75,000.

Gertrude Jones to Jeffrey Jones, 8375 Hwy 25 E, Cross Plains, $175,000.

Melissa Pendergrast, Tammy Hicks, Timothy Ray, Jeffrey Jackson to Norfleet Builders LLC, 8403 Hwy 25, Cross Plains, $185,000.

Elois and Gerald Rorie to Gary Seise, 3037 Carol Ln., Cross Plains, $249,900.

Leo and Linda Michaud to Mark M. Weber, Trustee of the Mark Weber Trust, 8462 Guthrie Rd., Cross Plains, $305,000.


Angela and Kenneth Ringhmire to Alexander and Courtney Weeks, 1020 Blue Ridge Parkway, Goodlettsville, $231,000.

Crystal and Newell Pangburn to Jaime Trotter, 2019 Holloway Ct., Goodlettsville, $187,000.

Carl and Cheryl Herke to Mark and Amy Corbitt, 4005 Laurel Ct., Goodlettsville, $219,900.

Premier Building Group LLC to Frank Biondo, 2039 Santa Fe Ct., Goodlettsville, $254,900.

Opendoor Property D LLC to Elaine Mendoza, 1048 Station Dr., Goodlettsville, $273,000.

Michael S. Harper, Personal Representative of the Howard R. Harper Estate to James Locke, Jr., 2017 Skyline Dr., Goodlettsville, $185,000.

Curtis Lannom to HTL LLC, 7191 Bethel Rd., Goodlettsville, $395,000.


Dennie and Mary Ann Brooks to Joshua and Savannah Choate, 3139 Worsham Springs Rd., Greenbrier, $270,000.

Venture 24 LLC to Bailey and Eli Padgett, 1111 Church St., Greenbrier, $228,000.

Terry Crites to Renae Smith and William Lemen, 2042 Hwy 431 S, Greenbrier, $220,500.

Joyce Gregory to Amanda Lane, 104 Oliphant St., Greenbrier, $172,000.

Nancy Cherry to Austin Alexander, 2147 Old Greenbrier Pike, Greenbrier, $174,900.

Tiffany and Roy Holmes II to Justin Griffin and Ashley Burlison, 4008 Awe Inspiring Dr., Greenbrier, $215,000.

Scott and Mary Martin to Ginger Cross and Charles Hooge, 2540 Distillery Rd., Greenbrier, $399,900.

Harriett Dorris to J.L. and Betty Bush, Jr., 1308 Church St., Greenbrier, $220,000.

Elizabeth Weides to Thelma Pitt, 2069 Sunday Silence Dr., Greenbrier, $263,500.

Brad and Brittany Spain to Elizabeth Weides, 2637 Distillery Rd., Greenbrier, 4200,000.

Stacy and Jackie Johnson to Nicole Moree, 1010 Dickens St., Greenbrier, $216,000.

Donnie and Sheila Reed to Ashleigh and Joan Hooper, 130 Robertson, Greenbrier, $239,900.

Karen Wair and Zachery Wilson to Barbara Faulk, 2169 Hwy 41 S, Greenbrier, $105,000.

Jade and Christine May to Thomas Baltz, Jr., 1843 Lake Rd., Greenbrier, $224,900.

Wade and Jennifer Nicks to Opendoor Property D LLC, 2017 Linnwood Way, Greenbrier, $274,200.

Randal and Kimberly Harmon to Scott and Karen Ward, 2076 Linnwood Way, Greenbrier, $299,900.

Brad and Brittany Spain to Jeremy Allen, 2639 Distillery Rd., Greenbrier, $212,000.

Gary and Dawn Donson to Savannah and Cody Hooper, 110 Briarwood Dr., Greenbrier, $246,500.

Daniel and Paula Hannah to Thomas Fox, 5717 Fisher Grove Rd., Greenbrier, $225,000.

W & M Investments LLC to Ben the Builder LLC, Lot 133 Westbrook Pl., Greenbrier, $59,000.

Chad and Emily Diehl to Mark and Rachel Graves, 2043 Smith Cir., Greenbrier, $238,000.

Janie Welch to William Hess, 1159 Empson Dr., Greenbrier, $337,000.

Cody and Brooke Shouse to Christopher and Ashley Vicari, 2022 Rebekah Dr., Greenbrier, $288,000.

David Clinard to Lori and Daniel Gregory, 1314 Church St., Greenbrier, $217,500.

Pleasant View

Amy Mcroy to Wesley and Jessica Oheron, 4042 Oak Pointe Dr., Pleasant View, $269,900.

American Financial Resources Inc. to Catamount Properties 2018 LLC, 2038 Errel Dowlen Rd., Pleasant View, $98,100.

James and Judy Denny to Earl Sanford and Kaitlyn Bain, 7120 Hwy 41 A, Pleasant View, $340,000.


Julie and Jason Jager to Alisha and James Wood, 1012 Laura Ln., Springfield, $295,000.

Les Lazarus to Donald Rush, 1113 Southwark Dr., Springfield, $124,900.

William and Tracy Marlin, II to Eric and Christin Jones, 3041 Meadow Ct., Springfield, $313,000.

Philip Dorris to John Sisco, 4751 Kinneys School Rd., Springfield, $312,000.

Linda Prange to Roseann Cornett, 5738 Bethlehem Rd., Springfield, $239,900.

Judy Hand to Raul and Rosa Castro, 4838 Hwy 431 N, Springfield, $250,000.

Patrick Cheek to James and Lizbeth Stuart, 2812 Canterbury Dr., Springfield, $218,000.

James C. Hall, Shelly Hall, James H. Hall and Margaret Hall to Scott Allen, 702 King Dr., Springfield, $157,000.

Faith Ventures LLC to William Gearheart, 823 Pitt Ave., Springfield, $159,900.

Dwayne Wilkins, Jr., Kimberly Hollingsworth, Cody Wilkins to Gail Morrow, 215 Juanita Dr., Springfield, $180,000.

Kenneth Wix to Jason and Dana Greer, 4763 Palestine Rd., Springfield, $380,000.

Rosemary Sprague to Robert Anderson, 3712 Old Coopertown Rd., Springfield, $128,500.

Carleen and James Herndon to Bruce and Sandra Heishman, 6485 Hwy 161, Springfield, $232,900.

Player Properties LP to George Welch and Frank Matherley, III, 1102 Batts Blvd., Springfield, $150,000.

Jerry and Carol McKinney to James and Angelica Hollis, 405 Golfview Ln., Springfield, $224,900.

Quadjay Machine Co. LLC to Elsabeth Rodriguez and Carlos Huipe, 121 Brookside Point, Springfield, $147,500.

Joshua and Tammi Wilmoth to Christopher and Sherry Walker, 2605 Mariview Dr., Springfield, $229,100.

Walter and Sharon George to Ricardo Euraque, 1308 Adrian Dr., Springfield, $84,000.

A.J. and Vickie Batson to Qiana Jones, 167 Sleepy Hollow Dr., Springfield, $165,000.

Dwayne Wilkins, Jr and Kimberly Hollingsworth to Stephen Lehman, 4310 Nicks Dr., Springfield, $295,000.

Donna and George Plumlee to Raymond McCarter, 2304 Ruth St., Springfield, $159,900.

Joe and Elizabeth King and Henry Vaughn, 4005 Fawn Dr., Springfield, $156,000.

Jay Madi Supermarket Inc. to E & W Properties LLC, 1302 5th Ave W, Springfield, $198,000.

Jimmie Clark, Morrow Clark and Larry Bull, Sr., to Mike and Teresa LaBorg, 204 Stonewall Dr., Springfield, $190,000.

Jimmy and Vanessa Townsend to Tim Hmung and Van Ma, 238 Clydesdale Ln., Springfield, $220,000.

Jack and Barbara Covert to Suzanne and Robert Montalvan, 111 Kinneys School Rd., Springfield, $229,900.

Fred and Bobbie Carter to Sarah Bellenger and Robin Bauer, 3001 Tuscarora Trail, Springfield, $459,900.

Buck Walker, Jr. to Urban Gate Properties LLC, 203 Slydesdale Ln., Springfield, $127,000.

Keith Morgan and Curtis Wheeler to Harvey Coombs, 1602 South Main St., Springfield, $60,000.

Brandi Claborn to Robert Edwards, Gina Edwards and Jennava Laska, 1015 S Main St., Springfield, $70,000.

Jonathan and Syndi Norton to Mohammad and Rachel Halvaei, 6611 Gum Station Rd., Springfield, 292,000.

Austin and Emily Monchilov to Lee Pilkington, 3067 Southwark Dr., Springfield, $227,000.

Frank and Sarah Gagliano to Leslie and Christopher Trice, 127 Sam Davis Dr., Springfield, $279,900.

Ryan King and Maite Aponte-King to Monty and Amy Goodman, 4123 Hwy 49 W, Springfield, $249,000.

Bradley and Addie Lamontagne to Bethany King and Kyle Harman, 414 Golf Club Ln., Springfield, $228,000.

George McPherson to Impeckabel Properties, 7001-7005 & 2101-2105 Westgate Dr., Springfield, $380,000.

Matthew Burnett to Impeckabel Properties, 1001-1005 & 1101-1105 Westgate Dr., Springfield, $399,900.

Jeremy and Francies Gardner to Chelsea and Park Troutt, 5944 Hwy 431 N, Springfield, $282,000.

Urban Gate Properties LLC to Joseph Wright, 203 Clydesdale Ln., Springfield, $150,000.

Matthew and Michelle Kilkenny to Aprile and Pethro Futrell, 117 Pleasant Hill Dr., Springfield, $227,000.

Amanda Dean Trustee of the 6473 Gum Station Rd. Trust to Sydney Conquest and Gavin Jarman, 6473 Gum Station Rd., Springfield, $179,900.

Dennis and Cynthia Stencel to Josh Terry Trustee of the 103 R W Gordon Dr. Trust, 103 R W Gordon Dr., Springfield, $149,500.

White House

Joshua Adcox to Denise Scherschel, 120 Sundance Way, White House, $209,900.

Dakota and Erica Brent to Zachary Coker, 307 Cardinal Dr., White House, $215,000.

Estate of William B. Childress to Andrew McGregor, 715 Volunteer Dr., White House, $125,000.

Premier Building Group LLC to Gary and Beth Leftwich, 9621 Cross Plains Rd. Lot 9, White House, $100,000.

Larry and Tela Heitz to Taylor Thacker and Leslee Waynick, 101 Star Pl., White House, $235,001.

Teresa Armstrong to Jason and Cheryl Emmick, 405 Indian Ridge Cir., White House, $235,000.

David Lloyd to Brian and Caitlin Hart, 100 Star Pl., White House, $225,000.

Leslie and David Harries to Bobbie and William Hooper, 313 Lone Oak Dr., White House, $256,000.

Rebecca and Jonathan Merkh to Nikki Arnold, 203 Cheyenne Dr., White House, $255,000.

Emma Zachary to Kenard Davis, Jr., 4008 Pleasant Grove Rd., White House, $238,000.

Shirley Seifert to James Powers, 100 Shore Dr., White House, $225,300.

S&P Holdings Group LLC to Optima Trust, 7818 Webster Rd., White House, $65,000.

Mike LaBorg to Ross and Colleen Boomershine, 134 Southern Terr., White House, $239,000.

Jamie and Jeremy Gregory to Megan and Ryan Haley, 216 Donal Ter., White House, $169,500.

Ashley and Mitchell Dever to Jamie and Jeremy Gregory, 891 Picadilly Dr., White House, $247,500.

Joseph and Brittany Carr to Brad Smotherman, 217 Donal Terr., White House, $145,000.

Ellen Tate to William and Angela Hoover, Jr., 7565 Cross Plains Rd., White House, $290,000.

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