Bellar Family Trust Agreement to Justin and Lindsey Head, 2236 Mud Cat Rd., Adams, $270,000.

Cedar Hill

Josh and Viola Sykes to Philip Bologna and Mary Green, 4781 Wandaland Rd., Cedar Hill, $77,500.

Tina Thaxton and Amber Wix to Kendra Gardner, 6430 Hwy 41 N, Cedar Hill, $120,000.

Carolyn Thompson and Leonard Bell to James and Laura Taylor, 4504 Maggie Farmer Rd., Cedar Hill, $214,000.

Cross Plains

Van McCormack to Richard Phillips, 7847 Hwy 25, Cross Plains, $100,000.

Sarah Doctor to Epec Reality Inc., 3847 Calista Rd., Cross Plains, $235,000.

Anthony and Velma Dale to Kenneth and Lisa Stockford, 8175 Cedar Grove Rd., Cross Plains, $96,000.

Hannah Elliott and Kristian Cave to Randall Howes, 1053 Bonnie Ln., Cross Plains, $234,000.


Brittany King and Zachary Wood to Jason Lockwood and Emily Redman, 4117 Turners Bend, Goodlettsville, $225,000.

Janet and Christopher Fuller to Jeffrey and Randalyn Davis, 6225 Greer Rd., Goodlettsville, $250,000.

William and Christine Johnson to Kristen Darnell, 100 Morning View Ct., Goodlettsville, $254,900.

Marilyn Robertson to Jeffrey and Nancy Haney, Jr., 2366 Highland Ave., Goodlettsville, $220,000.

Ben the Builder LLC to Spencer Turkington and Shelby Ring, 1199 Southern Rail Dr., Goodlettsville, $269,900.


James LaBorg to Willie and Christine Watson, Jr., 3019 Highland Dr., Greenbrier, $249,900.

Maryann Hunt and Brenda Gafford to Mitchell and Ginh Wood, 2023 Christy Ln., Greenbrier, $238,000.

Victoria Thompson to Jackie Cope, 3139 Lights Chapel Rd., Greenbrier, $110,500.

Wayne Stevens Trustee of the 2009 Dogwood Lane Trust to David and Regina Peach, Jr., 2009 Dogwood Ln., Greenbrier, $239,900.

Malissa Teal Executrix of the Estate of Wendell Emore to Dustin Hardy, 1035 Glennie Lee Dr., Greenbrier, $195,500.

Brandon Frank Construction LLC to Nathan and Misty Helms, 2531 Frank Abernathy Rd., Greenbrier, $398,790.

James C. Hall, Shelly Hall, James H. Hall, Margaret Hall to Amber Norwood, 1118 Church St., Greenbrier, $170,000.

Donald and Robyn Smith to Leland Irvin, 2136 S Mount Pleasant Rd., Greenbrier, $125,000.

Derrick and Renee Drinnon to Warren Thomas and Wilbrena Lyons-Thomas, 4101 Ironwood Dr., Greenbrier, $462,000.

Roger and Kim Bartlett to Opendoor Property J LLC, 2025 Patricia Dr., Greenbrier, $194,800.

Donald and Patsy Powell to Derrick Kimple and Amber Tucker, 1004 Red Oak Dr., Greenbrier, $299,900.

Timothy Cliburn to Randall and Shelly Abbott, 3022 Britney Dr., Greenbrier, $200,000.

Brandon Ankebrant to Chandler Mize and Nicole Peters, 2049 Old Hwy 431 S, Greenbrier, $237,000.

Ryan Kozlowski to Joseph and Wendy Schussler, 3013 Westbrook Dr., Greenbrier, $365,000.

Zachary and Dena Gibson to John and Aubrey Scurlock, 3013 Gracie Ann Dr., Greenbrier, $340,000.

Matthew Allison to Mark and Barbara Allison, 107 Fisher Dr., Greenbrier, $120,000.

Beach Therapy LLC to James and Kayla Meredith, 2413 New Hall Rd., Greenbrier, $280,000.

Sandra Thomas to Amanda and Jacob Burton, 5110 Summit Dr., Greenbrier, $245,000.

GRE LLC to Randall Dunn, 2929 Hwy 41 S, Greenbrier, $50,000.

Joseph and Mandy Thompson to Darlene and Erik Barnett, 3007 Hollow Field Ln., Greenbrier, $287,000.

Brandon Frank Construction LLC to Kristi Slate and Jonathan Hagan, 3248 Pinson School Rd., Greenbrier, $394,900.

Jeffrey and Melodye Capps to Caleb Roberts, 4009 Highland Dr., Greenbrier, $175,250.

Thomas and Jessica Warrick to James LaBorg, 2840 Distillery Rd., Greenbrier, $130,000.

Robert and Teresa Bradley to Mikal Rector, John Hagan, Donna Hagan, Joshua Rector, 2761 Bellar Rd., Greenbrier, $145,000.

Joshua and Kim Key to Barry Cantrell, 104 Dreamland Dr., Greenbrier, $279,900.

Tony and Elyse Meyer to Marco and Beth Begola, 3054 Wedgewood Dr., Greenbrier, $467,000.

Kimberly and Gary Goodfellow to James and Denichole Rymarz, 6353 Morton Rd., Greenbrier, $356,620.


Mary Wilson to Josh Terry Trustee of the 6020 Highland Rd. Trust, 6020 Highland Rd., Orlinda, $96,900.

Bryan Yates, Lacy Yates and Vernon Yates to David Walters, 6322 South Lamont Rd., Orlinda, $209,000.

Pleasant View

Christa and Brian Watson to James and Pamela Oliver, 1761 S Walker Rd., Pleasant View, $205,000.

Donald A. Co Trustee and Linda A.  McMunn Co Trustee of the McMunn Family Grantor Trust to Stephen and Emily Adams, 2589 Jack Teasley Rd., Pleasant View, $415,000.


Jennifer Horton to Julie and Kyle Dortch, 714 Arabian Ln., Springfield, $203,000.

McCarroll Builders Inc. to Perrion Gordon and Wendy Squirewell, 215 Savannah East Ct. Springfield, $438,672.

Jose Euyoque, Jr. and Laura Mendoza to James LaBorg, 252 Green Hills Dr., Springfield, $135,000.

Dan Bloodworth to Bradley and Brittany Spain, 4413 Woodrow Wilson Rd., Springfield, 472,500.

Christopher and Sherry Walker to Jacob and Megan Walker, 2605 Mariview Dr., Springfield, $300,000.

Austin Biggs and Kayla Nicholson to Jeffrey Sneed, 6154 S Lamont Rd., Springfield, $188,000.

Gary and Melody Diorio to PNWI LLC, 1013 17th Ave E, Springfield, $60,000.

Clarissa Parrish to James LaBorg, 202 Circle Dr., Springfield, $152,000.

Douglas and Frieda Couts to Empty Houses LLC, 3011 Henderson Rd., Springfield, $73,000.

Glenn Ogura and Sheila Plonowski Trustees of the Ogura-Plonowski Family Living Trust to Brandon Betts, 213 Deerfield Dr., Springfield, $255,000.

Emily Hendrick Successor Trustee of the 103 RW Gordon Dr. Trust to Mark Stubblefield, 103 RW Gordon Dr., Springfield, $149,900.

Ronald and Judy LeForge to Robert Taylor, 334 Tivoli Trail, Springfield, $299,000.

Meade North to Combs Industrial Services Inc., 5025 Boyd Holland Rd., Springfield, $5,000,000.

William and Donna Groves, Jr. to Jesse and Ashley Biggs, 4801 Hyde Rd., Springfield, $59,500.

Jordan Frizzell to Chandler and Sierra Capps, 2503 Holman LN., Springfield, $206,000.

Robertson County Habitat for Humanity to Anettra and Mitchell Northington, 1604 and 1602 Rawls St., Springfield, $66,000.

Joseph and Brenda Farmer to Ty Watts, 3142 Burr Rd., Springfield, $115,000.

Rita Hall and Timothy Robertson to Stanley and Charlotte West, 416 Grace St., Springfield, $65,000.

Lawrence and Audrey Smith to Thomas and Alison Knapp, 392 Eagle Trail, Springfield, $349,000. 

A J and Vickie Batson to Cindy De-Paz, 336 Bandera Ln., Springfield, $148,000. 

Hermaline Turner and Sandra Chatman to Brandon Adams, Trustee of the 1907 Rice St. Trust, 1907 Rice St., Springfield, $65,000.

Larry and Melissa Cole to Jamie Williams and Jose Alvarez, 6739 East Benton Rd., Springfield, $349,900.

Joshua and Patricia Morgan to Dusty and Amanda Ventress, 3580 Fizer Rd., Springfield, $210,000.

Lewis Flory to Andrew Lang and Dana Sweis, 4055 Flewellyn Rd., Springfield, $370,000.

J Soto Construction Inc. to Jesse and Jessica Shove, 642 Berry Cir., Springfield, $229,900.

Julie Metz to Thomas Reed, 5020 Legacy Dr., Springfield, $176,700.

Geoffrey Butcher to Christopher and Shaye Leeper, 607 5th Ave W, Springfield, $500,000.

Acklen Property Group LLC to John Whalen, 325 Golfview Ln., Springfield, $179,900.

Doreen and Lucien Neely to Julie and Brandon Niblock, 7339 Chowning Rd., Springfield, $300,000.

Ramiro and Jillian Marin, III to David and Allison Benham, 304 Red Bud Ct., Springfield, $155,000.

Toni and Brian Richards to William and Kerigan Grimes, 204 Deerfield Dr., Springfield, $250,000.

Wade Munday to Darian Castle, 407 N Boren St., Springfield, $159,900.

Level 1 Real Estate Group Inc. to Courtney Angela, 347 Brandywine Ln., Springfield, $253,000.

Nashville Building Solutions LLC to Jessica and Cory Austin, 186 Fieldstone Ln., Springfield, $287,000.

Collin and Shawn Cook to Bryan and Shelly Bedoe, 413 Golfview Ln., Springfield, $210,000.

Burnett Builders Inc. to Jacob and Caroline Brown, 2086 Savage Creek Dr., Springfield, $324,900.

Samuel and Hannah Galluzzi to Jacob Mueller, 4149 Hwy 49 W, Springfield, $230,000.

Pamela Land to Salah Girgis, 304 Westminster Ln., Springfield, $118,000.

Shirley Browning to Jeremy and Trittney Stinson, 404 Grace St., Springfield, $143,900.

Opendoor Property D LLC to Judy Ramkissoon, 794 Spring Cir., Springfield, $222,000.

Karen Ferguson to Barbara Jean Barbee Trustee of the Barbara Jean Barbee Revocable Living Trust, 609 Crestview Dr., Springfield, $90,000.

James Smiley to Harvey Coombs, 903 South Main St., Springfield, $99,900.

Yvonne and James Wilson to Zachary Whitfield, 306 Silvia Ct., Springfield, $188,000.

Dustin Huber to Doris Null, 109 Brookside Point, Springfield, $175,500.

Kayla and Patrick Davis to Chern Valerio and John Moriarty, 2904 Curtiswood Ln., Springfield, $275,000.

Amanda and Christian Barksdale to Port Royal LLC, 624 Laramie Dr., Springfield, $165,000.

Felipe and Nicole Pulliam to Port Royal LLC, 4614 Woodrow Wilson Rd., Springfield, $165,000.

White House

Amber Holthofer to Lisa and Shane Oberholtzer, 215 Shady Ln., White House, $289,900.

Shane and Lisa Oberholtzer to Michelle Webber, 131 Star Pl., White House, $235,000.

Beverly and Curtis Drewry to Randy and Mary Kundert, 205 Applewood Dr., White House, $304,000.

Bradley and Ashlie Harris to Daniel and Angela Knalls, 2008 Apollo Dr., White House, $347,114.

James Swann and Harold Swann to Arnold and Pallie Lanius, Lot 2 Boyles Rd., White House, $86,000.

Patrick and Lynn Wilson to Allen Patterson, 4038 Socata Ct., White House, $270,500.

Barbara Lavertue, Anthony Raso and Jamie Raso to Steven and Tiffany Brooks, 106 Sioux Ct., White House, $329,900.

Lindsey Tays to Savanna McClung, 714 Stovall Dr., White House, $175,000.

Brandon and Julie Niblock to Helen Deknoblough, 101 Granda Flora Dr., White House, $205,000.

James Blackmore to Mary Jackson, 129 Southern Terr., White House, $255,500.

Dustin and Amanda Salyer to Michael Banaszak and Stephanie Mitchell, 919, 911, 915 Meadowlark Dr., White House, $420,000.

Kirby and Amanda Moore to Kimberly and Terry Payne, 3726 Calista Rd., White House, $265,000.

Sondra and Dennis Cale to Casey and Diane Johnson, Lot 34 Pleasant Grove Rd., White House, $71,000.

Kristen Chatham and Allie Kvarta to Donald and Lynn Schoenheit, 4025 Socata Ct., White House, $299,900.

Casey and Diane Johnson to Debra Hampton and Paula Stinson, 109 Seminole Ln., White House, $329,900.

Linda Sykes to Zachary and Margaret Riddell, 404 Aztec Dr., White House, $229,900. 

Franklin and Tracy Kennedy to Lee Sanft, 315 Foster Dr., White House, $284,900.

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