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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past generation, the Iran problem has been at the absolute forefront of US political upheaval. In true form, Iran has found a way to test Trump as they have tested most other sitting United States presidents.

To most people on the right, the sufficient sentence "bomb them back to the stone ages" (as if they aren't already there) seems to suffice. However anyone with any foreign policy knowledge understands that this approach has been tried and tried until one is forced to switch the "r" and "i" in the words and be tired of it.

To those old enough to remember Reagan, the Iran-Contra affair seems to come to mind. With Trump wearing his wanna-be Reagan hat at all times, perhaps he stands to learn a few things about how Ronnie did it.

To those of you who do not know what the Iran-Contra affair is, it can generally be summed up as an illegal arms sale by the Reagan administration to the then-embargoed nation of Iran. They then intended to use the money to fund a right-wing rebel group in Nicaragua known as the Contras.

At the time, many political commentators deemed this "Irangate." How did The Ronald get himself out of this one you ask? Well after months of investigations and lying and indictments, including the Secretary of Defense at the time as well as the sitting National Security Advisor (both, by the way, pardoned by H.W Bush) Reagan expressed regret and apologized to the American people.

How are these two events related you ask? Well it establishes a pattern of dealings with Iran that, although corrupt, at least express some need to bargain with these people. An idea that needs to be squashed; at least behind closed doors.

Bringing us forward to the Obama Iran-nuclear deal, the same deal that Trump so meaninglessly pulled us from, followed by increased sanctions, have left the nation Iran and its economy wilting from lack of international watering.

Who could blame such a nation which has come a long way since the Reagan days for being a bit remiss with The Donald? Anyone who thinks his course of political action throughout his presidency in relation to Iran is sufficient clearly has as much inexperience in the political arena as Trump did prior to election.

The final verdict is that Trump's foreign policy disaster in Iran, that he alone created and he alone should be held responsible for, is exactly the outcome one would expect from such ignorance abroad. Donnie should take the Reagan way out, but instead he owes Iran the apology. I don't see that one coming.

Brent Hunter,


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