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Now that I’ve been a part of the Robertson County community over thirty years I will finally call myself a “local.” That being said, I’ve watched dozens of people run for public office and have noticed a few things that we need to remember this election season.

When you see signs popping up all over the county for a particular incumbent, is it because that candidate is in a tight race or is that person just trying to hang on to their paycheck knowing they haven’t earned it?

As you view sample ballots, have you asked yourself how you were treated in the incumbent’s office space?

Are the people who are running for office responsive to you or do they pay lip service to your needs?

Is the candidate qualified because of being selected by their predecessor or because of their work history and background?

Is the candidate being promoted by local media? Why?

Does the candidate offer ideas and solutions to current problems?

Is the candidate forward thinking or harkening to the “good old days.”

Finally, do you trust the candidate? Would you let them keep your checkbook and pay your bills? Because that is EXACTLY the choice we must make for most of our elected officials.

Jeff Hardee,

Cross Plains


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