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Recently our farm received the Tennessee Century Farm Award. We were honored and humbled to get it.

First of all, we thank God for giving our family the health and resources He has given our family over the years.

Then we thank our grandparents, Jim and Sally Browning for their sacrifice, their vision and hard work that made this possible. I wish they could have been here to receive the award.

My grandfather was born in 1893 and only had a 4th grade education. He survived overseas duty in the Army during WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, rationing, numerous recessions, bad crop years, high interest rates and low crop prices. He cleared land, built buildings, dug ponds and fenced the whole farm. He instilled in us good work ethic, honesty and love of the land.

My grandmother canned and cooked on a wood stove until 1963 when she got her first electric range, plus an indoor bathroom. She made a lot of her clothes, made soap and dried fruit. She never had a fan or air conditioner or a telephone but they lived a simple but fulfilling life.

They both lived to their upper 80s. So much for not eating country ham, red eye gravy, two eggs and biscuits made from lard.

Also, we thank the Center for Historic Preservation, Mrs. Yolanda Reid at the Robertson County Archives and the Robertson County Fair members and for good neighbors.

Now begins the second century. Will we, this farm and our descendants survive?

Charles Shearon,


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