I am pleased to see that Dr. Rojas agrees with all the facts mentioned in my article! Robocalls are, as he repeats, not only annoying, but can also take advantage of unsuspecting citizens especially the elderly. 

He repeats my message that federal laws have failed to solve the problem. That is why we are still talking about this problem! 

Dr. Rojas is confused about the role of the phone companies and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

The FCC cannot trace them because they are technologically behind and they do not have the information that the phone companies do. The phone companies cannot legally share customer information with the FCC. Furthermore even if FCC was able to locate these bad actors, they are located in other countries and therefore, beyond the reach of US law. FCC has no jurisdiction in those countries.

The phone companies know where the robocallers are. They have to open an account to be able to use the service and make the calls. Phone companies do bill them for the phone lines they supply. The additional charge will be added to the same bill. 

My final word to Dr. Rojas is not to use words like “absurd” in public discourse. Such language takes away from a high level public discussion. God Bless!

Rep.Sabi.Kumar@Capitol.tn.gov; Phone: 615-741-2860.

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