The delicious smell that greets you when you walk into J.I. Baldwin & Son Barbeque is only a glimpse into the food that awaits you.

Walking into the small eatery, a large menu displayed the numerous meal options my date and I had to choose from. We approached the counter where you order and pay for your meal before choosing your seat.

The display case featured crispy chicken, potato wedges and pecan pie among other items. I decided on a small pulled pork plate with cornbread and a side of potato wedges while my date chose a two-piece fried chicken plate with baked beans and potato salad.

The cashier explained some customer favorites include the baked beans and potato wedges which I was excited to try. The wedges were thick-cut and lightly seasoned with a slight crunch on the outside. My date was thrilled with the baked beans, saying they had a great flavor.

At the table, there was a variety of sauces to choose from. I ended up going with the “thick sauce” and it was delicious. The tangy flavor was a great mix with the slightly smoky flavor of the pork. The two slices of cornbread were the perfect complement which were sweet and fluffy. I personally always put butter of my cornbread, and it added the final touch.

My date finished off his two dark meat chicken pieces quickly. The chicken had a delicious, crispy skin and tender meat. The potato salad, which I snuck a taste of, was a fresh, creamy side item to lighten the meal.

Our meal finished with a slice of pecan pie. The dessert wrapped up the meal into the perfect Southern-style lunch for two. I really enjoyed the cozy indoor seating and abundance of natural light. The space felt comfortable and proudly showcased Springfield High School memorabilia.

The portions were filling without making us feel stuffed. Prices were rather low, especially for the amount of food we got. Items were priced from around $3 for a single meal to up to $16 for a family pack.

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