Bynum_Park Aerial

An aerial view of the new city park. SUBMITTED

The City of White House recently purchased 104 acres of land from Tom Byrum for a future park.

The property is located at the corner of North Palmers Chapel and Fern Valley Road in Sumner County, and has been part of the Byrum family for over 90 years.

Exact uses for the land will be decided by the Leisure Services Board over the next several months.

Mayor Michael Arnold tasked staff and the Leisure Services Board to find and purchase land during the White House Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon in June 2018.

The Leisure Services Board formed a committee that worked diligently to provide a list of properties suitable for a future park. The Byrum Family Farm property was one of several properties that ranked high in the committee’s findings.

In November of 2019, the City of White House sent letters to all the property owners listed by the Leisure Services Board and publically requested sealed proposals from anyone that owned at least 5 acres of structure-free land.

The city received proposals from four property owners including the Byrum Trust.

A committee was organized to review these proposals and recommend the best property for a park. The committee recommended the 104 acres owned by the Byrum Trust.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the land purchase of $2.75 million in April of this year.

“This land purchase initiated by Mayor Micheal Arnold became a vision that both the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and Leisure Services Board grasped,” City Administrator Geral Herman said. “The administration took on the challenge and set in place the structure of processes that it would take to bring this vision into fruition.

“We purchased this land with a 15-year bond. The citizens of this city will reap great benefits in recreational opportunities from this land as it develops over the next 20 or so years.”

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