Pat Proctor

A memorial was held by the residents of Holiday House in Springfield on Jan. 21 to remember the life of Pat Proctor. Many friends gathered in the lobby to share beautiful memories of Ms. Pat.

Pat was the resident manager for many years. This position included normal responsibilities, but she always went above and beyond to meet or exceed the needs of Holiday House residents.

She made sure the lobby was decorated for every season including the unique decoration of both Christmas trees. She was always available.

Several residents spoke about personal memories of this precious lady. As one lady spoke with tears in her eyes, she recalled how Ms. Pat would greet her little dog.

Another resident even wrote a poem describing the goodness and unselfishness of this kind soul. While yet another resident remembered how he and Ms. Pat enjoyed one upping each other in fun as they passed in the hallway.

The memorial was concluded with a prayer of thankfulness for the life of Ms. Pat Proctor and hope for comfort for her family.

Article submitted staff of Holiday House.