Springfield residents can get free junk pick-up at their homes through Oct. 29. SUBMITTED

The City of Springfield will conduct its second of two planned citywide junk collection pickups for 2021 which began on Oct. 1 and runs through Friday, Oct. 29.

For over the past seven years, Springfield has provided their residents living within the city limits a collection pickup twice per year for items that cannot be disposed of with household trash, such as mattresses, furniture, and other larger items. This service is provided in addition to, and not a replacement of, a resident’s household and brush collection.

“This is a benefit to the citizens of Springfield, and a free service that we provide to our customers,” Springfield Public Affairs Coordinator Kara Zahn said. “It used to be a monthly service that we provided, but it was actually costing us a little too much money to do that, and we couldn’t afford the manpower for it. So a couple of years ago we switched to it being a fall and a spring collection.”

Loose and small items must be bagged for collection, and hazardous waste, construction, tires or home improvement materials will not be collected.

This service is also not available for commercial properties, apartments, condominiums, vacant properties, lots, or junk on private roads.

While other cities across middle Tennessee offers a similar junk collection for bulk items, most ask their residents to pay a fee for the service.

“We’re not exactly sure where this idea originated, but I think we did see some nearby cities provide it, so we looked into it,” Zahn said. “Other cities that provide this service, they actually will charge their customers for this program, for the city to come pick up the items out of the customer’s yard. Or some cities just require that the people bring the product to their facility for no charge.’

“So we’re kind of like a double whammy here. We’re offering the service twice a year and we’re picking it up for you of no charge to anyone.”

Outside of April and October, Springfield residents can dispose of one bulky waste item, one junk item or one bag of junk at the Public Works Department facility. You must register inside the office before being allowed to dispose of the item.

People can also take their waste to the Robertson County Solid Waste & Recycling. The landfill and recycling centers are operated by the county, not the city of Springfield. They can be contacted at 615-384-0683.

For more information or questions regarding additional junk collection policies, residents are encouraged to visit www.springfieldtn.gov or contact the Public Works Department at (615) 384-2746.

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