A 44-year-long career ended Tuesday, Dec. 31 when Springfield Fire Chief Jimmy Hamill officially retired from the Springfield Fire Department.


Hamill’s retirement was celebrated by the Springfield Fire Department, members of the Springfield Police Department, city officials, first responders, friends and family. At 2:01 p.m., the announcement was made over the speakers at the fire department documenting Hamill’s final call.


“Jimmy Hamill, car one, you are officially out of service at 14:01. Congratulations on your retirement and God bless,” the speaker said ending the announcement.


Hamill emerged from the building with his wife and Assistant Chief Jeff Glodoski to the fire department standing at attention with bagpipes playing in the background. Through tears, Hamill thanked his fellow firefighters and those who came out to honor him and his service.


According to a press release, Hamill’s career first began in 1976 where he continued up through the ranks of the fire department before getting appointed to fire chief in 2012. 


“Jimmy has been a true leader in this community and a huge advocate for the Springfield Fire Department,” said Assistant City Manager Ryan Martin. “We have been so fortunate to have him in our ranks for more than 40 years.”


Glodoski has since been named the interim fire chief until the position gets filled according to the press release.


“Hopefully, the department will still continue his legacy,” Glodoski said. “For him (Hamill), hopefully, he’ll stay busy.”


Despite his sadness at Hamill’s retirement, Glodoski expressed happiness that Hamill is moving on to his next chapter in life. Based on the emotions shown by all those who worked with Hamill, he was loved and respected by everyone and will be greatly missed.


“We appreciate and honor Jimmy’s wonderful 44 years with the Springfield Fire Department and all of his service,” Springfield Mayor Ann Schneider said. “You can stand around here and you look around at all the love and cherish that his employees have had for him. It’s amazing, and I wish him well in this new chapter of life and retirement.”

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