School Buses

Using a cell phone while driving resulted in the suspension and later, resignation of a Robertson County school bus driver.

A Robertson County school bus driver has resigned after being suspended for distracted driving, which was first reported on Thursday, Oct. 24.

The bus driver was reported using a cell phone while operating a school bus headed to the Highland Crest Campus. A student on board the bus recorded the infraction with their cell phone.

Once the district was informed of the driver by a concerned parent, immediate action was taken to investigation the allegations. 

“Safety is key, and we transport a lot of kids every day,” Communications Coordinator Jim Bellis said.

A press release was issued on Thursday about the driver’s suspension. 

“The district Transportation Office was immediately notified, and the bus driver was contacted within minutes of the report.  At the time of contact the bus was onsite, stationary, and had no students on-board. The driver was instructed to report immediately to the Transportation Office, where the official on-board video was pulled for review,” part of the press release stated.

Bellis said the bus driver has resigned since the suspension. The driver had worked for the Robertson County School’s since Jan. 2014 and had no previous moving violations on record.

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