Margot fosnes

Margot Fosnes

In 2021, The Robertson County Economic Development Board is already in talks to bring more business  and industry to the area.

“We get inquiries from the State of Tennessee and from other partners like the National Chamber and the Tennessee Valley Authority on companies that are looking for a location in Middle Tennessee. If we have locations that meet their certifications, we send a proposal to them and tell them about the locations,” said Margot Fosnes, Chief Economic Development Officer for Robertson County.

As of right now, there is information that a Japanese American Business will most likely be built in White House, she said.

The name of the business is confidential. However, it is believed to be a manufacturing business, and it has already reviewed and they have visited the location they liked in White House.  

The Robertson County Economic Development Board is in the process of working with the proposed business to understand what it would take to build their building, what additional costs they would have as far as water, sewer, and road construction, what the Robertson County community can do as far as incentives and what the Japanese American Business can get at the State level as far as incentives.

The Board will know the business’ official decision of whether or not it will be built in White House in the first quarter of 2021.  

Despite the coronavirus, Fosnes said the Board has been busy with talks to recruit more business.  

“We were in a period before the coronavirus where we were seeing a lot of interest in our community. Robertson County is a very desirable location for companies to locate their manufacturing. We’re trying to get office type operations and headquarters. Robertson County has a real appeal for these companies because of the way we’re located between two interstates and within 30 minutes of Nashville with the airport. We were really having a lot of inquiries and a lot of good projects before the Coronavirus. That slowed everything down,” said Fosnes.

From March 2020 to July 2020, The Robertson County Economic Development Board only had a few projects that they were working on.

“All of a sudden in August, things started to pick up again. It’s been a really busy fall for inquiries about Robertson County. We’ve been really encouraged about the level of interest in Robertson County. We’re going to see some nice announcements of companies that are looking at the area and are making the decision to come here,” said Fosnes.

Recently, the Board has also been dealing with three other new businesses. These businesses have reviewed and visited locations in Robertson County too.

Currently, the county’s largest business is Electrolux Home Products with 3,400 employees. The second largest is Macy's Logistics with 1,200 employees. Other large businesses include Lowe’s Millworks, Kyowa America Corporation, Martinrea, Johnson Electric and Airtech International.

“It’s an exciting time for Robertson County right now. We’ve had a lot of success. I’ve been doing this for a little over 10 years now. In that 10-year period, Robertson County has added 3,000 jobs. I see that accelerating in the next two to three years. The land prices here are less expensive than other places in the Middle Tennessee region, and everyone wants to be in Middle Tennessee. It’s the hot place to be right now,” said Fosnes.

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