Billy Vogle

Billy Vogle

In a special called meeting on Monday, June 22, the Robertson County Commissioners approved an overall “flat” budget of $174,263,967 for the fiscal year 2020-2021.

The budget was passed 19 to 0 with one vote abstained.

Property tax for the county will remain at $2.5759 per $100 of taxable property. General funds will receive $1.13. Solid waste funds will receive $0.05. School funds will get $0.90, and debt service will get $0.4959.

A state mandated pay increase of 3.5 percent for frontline emergency services such as ambulance services and sheriffs are the only county raises in the 20-21 budget.

Increases to the solid waste fees in the commission meeting Monday, June 15, will add much need money to the solid waste fund to allow for maintenance and purchase of equipment.

No citizens were present for comments in the public hearing on Tuesday, June 16.

“I want to commend Jody on working with the budget committee on this budget,” Robertson County Mayor Billy Vogle said. “When we started with COVID-19, we didn’t know where we were going. I know the budget doesn’t have something for everybody, but if we can weather this virus (and) the economy stays good, I see things maybe being a lot better next year.”

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