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Clay Sneed

The Springfield Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted in favor of a resolution to rename and renumber a portion of Rudolph Street to aid in emergency responses on Tuesday, Jan. 14.


This resolution passed 5 to 1 with Alderman Clay Sneed voting against, stating there was insufficient reason for the changes.


“They’ve showed no history of there being an issue,” Sneed said. “So, if you can’t show that there’s an issue and that there’s a history of issues, just because (Robertson County E-911 addressing) requests it, that’s not enough… This is very hard for a lot of people to do. This is a lot of work for the people who live there.”


According to the resolution, Robertson County E-911 made the request for a name change and renumbering due to Rudolph Street being separated into sections, creating confusion and the potential for delays in emergency responses. The Springfield Planning Commission studied the issue and recommended the changes be made.


The new street name would be Sugarberry Lane and the numbers would be changed to a unique set of four-digit numbers for clarification. The current numbers are separated by letters with the same three-digit number for multiple residents for example 123A, 123B and 123C. These changes would affect 21 residents on this street.


The resolution will be up for a second vote at the next Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 6 p.m.

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