NPHA Board of Directors (l-r): Stacey Knight, history museum director; Gary Cox, North Carolina; Geraild Chandler, North Carolina; Tony Beals, Michigan; Gary French, Tennessee; Montana (Monty) French; Lucille Trumbo, Indiana; Les Daniels, West Virginia; Yvonne Stearns, Indiana. Not pictured: Dr. Tim Hickman, Iowa; Larry Jenkins, Virginia; Becky Church, North Carolina; Keith Edwards, South Carolina. SUBMITTED

Over the years the Robertson County History Museum has played host to many visiting groups to Springfield and Robertson County. Although, most visitors to the museum were local people, students, educators and historians. 

However, on Saturday, Feb. 8, the History Museum had a first when they welcomed board members of the National Plott Hound Association inside the historic museum in downtown Springfield. The National Plott Hound Association was founded in 1953 and holds field, water and show events to promote Plott Hounds and sportsmanship throughout the United States. 

Local Plott Hound Association member and Robertson County native Gary French, said recently, "of the six breeds of Coon hounds registered by the United Kennel Club, only the Plott Hound doesn't trace it's ancestry to the foxhound. Why, even the Blue Tick Hound which is the state dog of Tennessee and the mascot of the University of Tennessee traces its ancestry to the fox hound. 

Originally, the ancestors of today's Plott Hounds were used for bear and boar hunting in Germany. In fact, Johannes George Plott left his home in Germany and came to this country in 1750 and brought with him a few boar hounds from his homeland. 

Plott and his family after arriving in America, settled in western North Carolina where his prized boar hounds were once again used for bear and wild boar hunting as they once were in Germany. These days, the Plott Hound is mainly used as a coon hound and has a distinct brindle-colored coat and is known for speed, stamina and endurance. The Plott Hound is also the state dog of North Carolina.

French went onto say, "Our board members travel from all over the eastern United States to attend the National meeting and Tennessee with its central location is a natural meeting place for us. Since I live here, I thought about the History Museum and asked Director Stacey Knight about the museum hosting our national meeting and she agreed. 

At our board meeting, we elected new officers, we planned upcoming meets & events and we got to visit with each other. 

Knight said, "We were delighted to let them hold their gathering at the museum. Especially when Gary told us how important the meeting would be for the Plott Hound Association. Besides, what a great story of the origin and heritage of the Plott Hounds and their importance to hunting in our country."

Membership in the Robertson County Historical Society is open to everyone with annual dues only $15 for an individual and $25 for a household. For more information contact 615-382-7173 or go to robcohistoricalsociety.com

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