Student Analyn Jones with County Mayor Billy Vogle, as the board acknowledged National Dairy Month.

The Robertson County Commission voted June 17 to acknowledge the bid submitted by the City of Millersville on a property listed on the delinquent tax rolls.

Consisting of approximately 20 acres zoned C-3 commercial, the property is located on Ted Dorris Road near I-65. Taxes owed on the property amount to $157,166. While it is appraised at $677,000, the city of Millersville has made an initial bid to buy the property for $97,623.

County Attorney Clyde Richert explained the bid process and said that despite the appraisal, the property might have a lien on it from the IRS. It is known to have some environmental issues from previous use and there is an active squatter on the property that must be legally evicted. Millersville is willing to accept all terms.

After a brief discussion, the commission voted unanimously to move forward by acknowledging the official bid and the next step will be to place an announcement of the bid in the local papers. This will start a 10-day clock during which time other bids may be received.

Subsequent bids must exceed the original by at least $10,000. If multiple bids are received, the two highest bidders will meet in the mayor’s office to compete for the final sale at the end of the 10 days.

If Millersville completes the sale, the property will be within their city limits and all future property taxes will be paid to Millersville.  

County Planning Director Doug Vann presented three rezone requests from AG-2 Agricultural to RP-80 Rural Preservation. The first was 2.57 acres on Albert Fentriss Road. The second was 2.017 acres on E.D. Williams Road. The third was 6.71 acres on Worsham Springs Road. All passed with 22 votes and no opposition.

Resolutions passed Monday night include training costs for a new county archivist, engineering services to pave the EMS services parking lot, approval for highway commissioners to receive $500/month pay for their services, engineering fees for a new roof on the old jail building and $25,000 matched by the state for electronic monitoring of prisoners on house arrest - saving the county on their insurance, food, housing and medical bills while being monitored rather than housed in the county jail.

A resolution was passed to establish a Sheriff’s Department Disciplinary Review Board. Seven persons were named to the new board: Nicole Simmons, Kenneth Drake, Josh Wiley, Linda Royer, Patrick Trauber, Kathy Lassiter and Francis Doll.

Members of this board are tasked with review of the behavior of prisoners in the Robertson County Detention Facility. 

Another resolution acknowledged the retirement of nine-year-old dog, County K-9 officer Kane to be placed permanently with his handler, Deputy Brett Keck who will also resign a the end of the month.

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