Beef cattle producers, are you selling calves this fall? When, where and what weight? Individually or in groups?

At our UT/UK Extension Weaning Workshop on Tuesday night that was sponsored by Zoetis and Farm Credit, the speakers covered some good points about why some calves that get higher prices and why some get discounted. 

It is important to look at your calves, weigh your calves and know what you have to sell.  Most cow-calf producers only sell calves a few times a year, so they do not get much practice in guessing the weights. 

At the Weaning Workshop, we also had a Calf Weight Guess Contest with some good prizes from Montgomery Farmers Co-op and KY-TN Livestock. The results of the contest are really eye-opening - 76 percent of the cattle producers underestimated the weight of the steer by an average of 156 pounds (actual weight 835 pounds).  The value of this steer at $1.20 per pound was underestimated by $187.

You may want to consider a marketing strategy that is supported by UT/UK Extension which are the KY-TN CPH Advantage Sales. Calves are marketed in graded groups. To participate in the next sale, calves must be weaned by Oct. 19 and vaccinated Sept. 4 -Nov. 19.  The sale will be held Tuesday, Dec. 3 at the KY-TN Livestock Market in Guthrie, Ky.  Please see the attached requirements.

Jeff Smith is the director of the UT Extension – Robertson County; jsmith49@utk.edu

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