Mr. Maldonado Mugshot

Michael Maldonado

Last week, the White House Police Department was dispatched to a Motel 6 in reference to a 2016 Chevy SUV that was stolen out of Metro and had an estimate value of $20,000.

Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the Motel 6 manager who said a male and a female in room 112 had the vehicle.

According to the affidavit, the officer knocked on the door and the female answered.

The officer asked her if the Chevy was hers, and she stated her boyfriend Michael Maldonado had borrowed the vehicle.

After entering the room, the officer observed a loaded pistol on the nightstand, cleared the weapon and made contact with Maldonado. 

When asked about the Chevy, Maldonado stated he had been borrowing the vehicle for two weeks from a guy named Q and the firearm was found in the vehicle. 

The 9mm pistol was run through dispatch and also came back as being stolen.

Maldonado was arrested for possession of the stolen vehicle and firearm.