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A Cedar Hill man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or vehicle on Tuesday, June 23 for an incident occurring back in May.

The arrest report states an officer responded to a call of a trauma related leg injury. At the scene, Fredrick Burns, 34, was identified by the victim, witnesses and home video security footage as the culprit of the injury to the victim. The victim suffered from possible fractures in both legs.

According to the arrest affidavit, statements from witnesses indicated the victim had been run over with a vehicle by Burns. Burns was reported to have kicked the victim from the truck after a physical altercation in the cab of the car.

Official documents state the Ford F-150 was seen on home security video footage moving from side to side, forward and then reversing after the victim was pushed from the vehicle. The video depicted screaming and chaos during the truck’s movements which show an up-down motion as the truck runs over the victim. Burns can be seen driving away from scene of the incident.

While the incident was documented back on May 18, Burns was arrested and charged in June. He is being held in the Robertson County Detention Center with bond set at $8,000. His first court date is scheduled for July 7.

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