Turning 100 years old is a huge milestone many people hope to achieve in their lifetime. For locals Roberta Bell and Harold Reeves, it’s no longer a hope but a reality.

Roberta Bell

Roberta Bell was born on March 26, 1920. Bell was one of the original founding owners of the local radio station, WJBL, which has been around since World War II. She got to interact with several famous people through the radio as well as involving the local community in live broadcasts.

After leaving the radio station, Bell worked in real estate for 35 years. She was married to Hoyt Bell, and they had a son, Ronnie Bell. Both have passed away.

Although she stopped driving last year, Bell has remained active and independent. She is remarkably tech savvy and is even a member of Facebook. She has always been very involved with her church, Main Street Church of Christ.

“She is sharp as a tack,” Susan Owens, fellow church member and long-time family friend, said.

Rep. Sabi ‘Doc’ Kumar presented Bell with a proclamation from Gov. Bill Lee celebrating her long life and accomplishments on Friday, June 12 at the NorthCrest Medical Center.

Harold Reeves

Harold Reeves was born on May 25, 1920 in Robertson County. Reeves served in World War II in the U.S Army Air Corps before being transferred to the infantry. He fought in the Battle of Rhur in 1945.

After the war, Reeves returned to civilian life as a supervisor for the Department of Public Works in Campbell, Ky. as well as farmed and raised cattle. He married Daphne Bowerman Reeves, who was originally from Oklahoma. They met while he was in the service and had two daughters, Sandra Reeves and Ann Reeves, who have all since passed away.

Reeves currently lives in his own home as neighbor to his 97-year-old sister, Mary Louse Reeves Dodd. He enjoys spending time with his nephew, Barry Dodd.

Having known Reeves for many years, Steve and Gina Head-Hieber took the opportunity to have Reeves momentous birthday and life celebrated with a proclamation from the State of Tennessee through Sen. Kerry Roberts.

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