Jim and Joe Willhite are twins

Born in Humphreys Country at Hurricane Mills.

Short in height, but long on insight.

Their Dad and Mom taught them

And reared them in church and on the farm.

Jim and Joe are twins who share everything.

They share a common mother and father.

They share a common faith in Jesus, the Savior.

They are bound together in seven ones,

keeping unity of Spirit in the bond of peace.

By the time they were in high school,

they were learning how to build barns and houses.

When they got a little free time,

they gathered at the river to wet a line.

After high school, Pearl Harbor’s ships were bombed.

Joe and Jim answered the United States Navy’s call.

After training, Jim’s wife Ruth joined him in San Diego.

Ruth loved Jim and loved Joe as a friend.

Jim married Ruth, but realized quickly

Joe was never far away from Jim.

Being a twin has its advantages,

might as well have fun with it.

Jim might make a date with one girl

And then send Joe in his place.

Guard duty is a grueling responsibility.

If you are too tired or too busy,

Just send your twin instead.

Twins rejoice when the other rejoices.

Weeps when the other weeps.

They look at life very much the same.

They both enjoy bringing honor

And glory to the Name above every name.

The Preacher rightly proclaims,

“Two are better than one.”

What’s true in marriage and friends

is just as true with Joe and Jim.

A minimum of one call a day

is all that is required

to keep those blues away.

A little talk with Jesus

and a little talk with your twin,

makes everything all right in the end.

Peddlers on paraphrases it this way:

“It’s better to have a partner

than go it alone.

Share the work,

share the wealth.

And if one falls down,

the other helps,

But if there’s no one to help,

That’s when life is toughest!

Two in a bed warm each other.

Alone, you shiver all night.

By yourself you’re unprotected.

With a friend you can face the worst.

Can you round up a third?

A three-stranded rope

isn’t easily snapped.”

Joe and Jim have traveled life together

Side by side and in spirit.

The Lord is their third strong strand

Who will always keep them connected!

Written on March 3, 2021 by Joe Dill Rushing.

who has observed this special bond since 1991

as a minister with Main Street Church of Christ.

Ruth and Jim Willhite were valued citizens of Springfield for 60 years. Church, 4 H, Banking, Housing Authority Board, Industrial Development Board, Rotary, Welcome Wagon, and Mom’s Day Out were ways they served. Ruth passed in 2018. Jim is now living in Mississippi with daughter Adelia. Joe lives at Martin. They would appreciate your prayers with the health issues Jim and Joe are having.