Heartbroken Cedar Hill woman facing arson charges

Kayla Klotsch 

A Cedar Hill woman is facing several charges, including arson, after her fiancé said she refused his break-up and attempted to burn down his house.

According to the warrant, Robertson County Sheriff deputies responded to the scene on B.G. Fort Road in Cedar Hill on Friday, July 26, just before midnight.

Robertson County Cpl. Brandon Jewel said when he arrived on the scene, he observed one the rooms had significant fire damage and there was still an extensive amount of smoke throughout the house.

James Stevenson told law enforcement that Kayla Klotsch, 30, tried to prevent him from leaving the house when he informed his fiancé their relationship was over.

Klotsch became so angry that when Stevenson tried to leave the house, she grabbed onto him and ripped his pants.

Once he reached his mother’s house next door, Stevenson said he received a text from Klotsch stating, “It’s aflame,” referring to the house.

The house was on fire when Stevenson returned, he said.

Robertson County deputies found Klotsch hiding in an upstairs closet.

Klotsch reportedly resisted arrest, and with assistance from Sgt. Nick Roberts, the two deputies had to carry her downstairs and forcibly place her into a patrol car.

The deputies said Klotsch, who appeared to be highly intoxicated, “resisted the entire time” continuing to even kick them while being put into the car.

Klotsch is facing charges of arson, resisting arrest and assault.

She was booked into the Robertson County Detention Center on a $30,000 bond.

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