Greenbrier residents Jody Dorris and Brandon Frank are spearheading a project in hopes of preserving some of the city’s history and offering locals a hub for community involvement.

Both are partners of The Viridian Group, LLC, which began working on the Greenbrier Town Square Commons project last week. The project includes the restoration of the Bank of Greenbrier and the T.M. Williams & Sons Hardware and Groceries buildings.

“It’s going to be good for Greenbrier; there’s not anything else like this in Greenbrier,” Dorris said. “For a town like Greenbrier, this is going to be a big step.”

The Commons will feature a restaurant, office spaces and retail stores. A “pocket park” will be located in the space between the buildings. A mural depicting the past and present history of Greenbrier will be placed in the courtyard.

“That [park] will allow addition seating for the restaurant out back. It will also provide a space that can be used for community events and fundraisers,” Dorris said.

The project currently has full commitment for each of the spaces available in the square. The Greenbrier Town Square Commons is planned to be open by April 1.

“We wanted to preserve the buildings and create a spot that maybe instead of just driving through Greenbrier, you’d stop and decide to stay a while,” Dorris said.

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