GB New Mayor 8.26.2020

Lanny Adcock

After years of covering the costs to operate the City’s park system during gatherings and sports events, Greenbrier passed a resolution to set specific fees for park services.

The measure was approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Feb. 1.

The fees will be for many of the parks’ features, including the pavilion: $10 an hour, this does include the press box at the baseball/softball park: the baseball/softball field: $100 an hour per field per day and the City-run concession for non-league games; baseball/softball fields for non-league practice: $25 an hour per field without lights and $35 an hour with lights; soccer field with pavilion: $30 an hour without lights and $40 with lights; press box and a field: $30 an hour without lights and $40 with lights.

These park fees were made effective on Feb. 1. Officials say the move will provide more accountability for those using the services.

“Mostly the reason for that is that way we know who is using the facilities, if there is any damage done to any of the facilities, or if they don’t clean up the trash everywhere, we can get it cleaned up,” Mayor Lanny Adcock said. “In the afternoon, we had to lock the park at certain times, make sure everybody’s out of there and they’ve done what they said they would do.

“It’s an accountability thing.”

Leak adjustment updates

The City’s current pool leak adjustment policy was also updated. Residents can qualify for one pool leak adjustment to the sewer portion of the bill per calendar year.

To receive the granted pool adjustment, Greenbrier citizens must have a pool permit and the pool must be a permanent structure whether it’s above-ground or in-ground. Pools that are put up seasonally and require no permit will not be eligible for adjustments on their sewer bill.

For regular water leak adjustments not related to pool use, the City will grant one leak adjustment per calendar year. If there is a water leak, the sewer portion of the bill may be adjusted. The adjustment will be calculated based on the average of the previous 12-month period if applicable. The water portion of the bill may be adjusted if consumption exceeds 30,000 gallons.

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