In a 5-2 split vote, the City of Greenbrier’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen has raised property taxes by 50-cents, making Greenbrier’s tax rate higher than any other city or town in Robertson County, according to data from the property assessor’s office.

After a public hearing held on Monday, June 3 at Greenbrier City Hall, city leaders approved the second of two readings passing the city’s proposed budget that includes raising its property tax from $1.07 to $1.57 per $100 of taxable assessed value.

Following reappraisals in 2018, the certified rate was set to 86.3 cents.

By keeping the $1.07 tax rate from the previous year, Greenbrier’s establishment of the same rate was considered a tax increase, according to Chris Traughber, Robertson County Property Assessor.

Mayor Bonnette Dawson and Greenbrier aldermen Carrol Fagg, Jeff DeLong, Bill Deaver and Chris Davis favored the measure.

Greenbrier aldermen Billy Ray Dorris and Steve Higdon opposed the measure and voted no.

Davis said the board had to make a tough decision with the increase, but it is what is best for the city.

“We cannot continue to go backwards, which is what we have been doing,” Davis said. “We’re still having to budget to what things cost back in 2006.”

Davis said in 1990 the tax rate was $1.34. The tax rate was lowered in 2006 to $1.03 and increased by four cents in 2007 to $1.07.

“The city just really never recuperated after lowering that tax rate,” Davis said. “There should have been smaller increments in raising the property tax rate through the years instead of this large raise all in one-year. We were 14 years behind the 8 ball and something had to happen.”

Davis said the average home will see an $18 to $20 increase in their taxes per month, about a $240 increase for the year.

The increase will be providing about $200,000 in funding for road construction and paving, according to Davis.

“One of them will be to straighten up the dangerous S-curve at the Main Street and Nunley intersection,” Davis said.

Six police cars will need to be purchased over the next two years.

In order to balance the budget this year, Davis said the city used $400,000 it had been saving for a new fire truck.

“We have a 23-year-old fire truck and a 24-year-old fire truck,” Davis said. “We are needing a newer one.”

Davis said he is hoping businesses will continue wanting to open in Greenbrier.

“I really want this city to thrive,” Davis said. “I think we can see some great changes coming our way. I’m hoping we will prosper and I think a lot of people who live in this city want the same thing.”


The 2018 property tax rates in Robertson County

(Greenbrier raises to $1.57 in FY2019-20)

Robertson County                           $2.5759                                 

Adams                                                $.3491                                    

Cedar Hill                                           $.2251                                    

Coopertown                                      $.35                                        

Greenbrier                                         $1.07                                      

Millersville                                         $1.00                                    

Portland                                              $1.11                                      

Ridgetop                                             $.6325                                    

Springfield                                          $1.072                           

White House                                      $1.0315                               

Source: Robertson County Property Assessor’s office

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