Bransford rendering

During a recent open house, people viewed two renderings of a future Bransford Community Center. One plan showed a gymnasium with a half gym. Another, which people seemed to favor, had a full gym with it.

The City of Springfield held a Community Open House on Tuesday, Nov. 13 at the Stokes Brown Public Library to hear input on the new Bransford Community Center as plans to raise funds continues.

Citizens were invited to share their opinions on the proposed design for the new community center, which will be located at 1519 John L. Patterson St. in Springfield.

Bransford Community Center Board member Robert Gardner said the people attending the open house had two options to review.

“With option one, which the architect presented, had a half gym,” Gardner said. “Option two had a full gym.”

The full gym option would require more parking spaces.

During the open house, people viewed both plans and gave feedback to representatives of Lose Designs.

“It was a good response from the community,” Gardner said. “It was overwhelming support for option two with the full gym. The feeling seemed to be, ‘If we’re going to build it, let’s do it right and go for the full package.’ ”

The gym is a multi-purpose room and a community gathering room. There are also multi-functional classrooms planned for the facility that will house programs like the Bransford Pride group.

“We want many people to have access to this center,” Gardner said.

The Bransford Community Center committee, created by the City of Springfield, has been instructed to come up with a design for the center. The Bransford Board is a permanent group that operates the Bransford After School Program and will help to plan and raise funding for the future community center.

The Springfield Board of Mayor and Aldermen will make the final decision on how much money will be spent on the project.

Funding the project

The City of Springfield decided during its budgeting planning for Fiscal Year 2019 to match up to $2.5 million of the funds raised by the Bransford Board for the project.

Lisa Arnold, a supporter of the initiative to raise funds and CEO of Small Town Startup in Springfield, said she feels the community center project will help unites Robertson Countians in one mission.

“It will empower our youth, adults and seniors regardless of income, race or age,” Arnold said. “The community center will give all walks of life hope and vision for the future through its programs and events.”

Arnold said the center would provide many opportunities for learning and growth, not just the Bransford-associated programs.

“With the end of the year coming up and tax write-offs being top of mind, this is the perfect donation opportunity for our community,” Arnold said. “It’s money that's going to empower and inspire our future leaders from different backgrounds to create an even more diverse, successful and beautiful Robertson County.”


Where to donate

Donations for the proposed Bransford Community Center can be made at or at

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