Abel Garcia

Abel Garcia

A Springfield man was arrested and charged with attempted rape, aggravated burglary and aggravated domestic assault after allegedly breaking into a local woman’s home at night.

Abel Garcia, 39, entered the female’s residence without her permission in the middle of the night while she was asleep on Nov. 21, according to a police report. Garcia tried to force himself onto the woman while pinning her to the bed according to the report.

The woman fought with her attacker before injuring him with an object, the report said. Garcia then fled the house and was later apprehended.

Garcia remains in jail with bond set at $75,000. His disposition hearing is planned for Dec. 3.

The Robertson County Sheriff’s Department offers Basic Self-Defense to Women classes taught by Public Information Officer Jessica Drake, who is a Rape Aggression Defense Systems Instructor. The sheriff’s department also teaches risk reduction strategies to women trying to protect themselves from attacks.

“Risk reduction strategies are positive steps to help reduce the chances of becoming a victim,” Drake said.

Some tips from Drake include drawing drapes closed and shutting binds; having lighting on doors, driveways and parking areas; and having a “one-way” peep hole. Solid doors with strong locks and locks on windows, even on the second floor, are other ways to protect against break-ins. It’s best to leave spare keys with a family member or trusted neighbors instead of hidden outdoors, Drake said.

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