Billy Vogle

Billy Vogle

County leaders voted 21-0 with one abstention on June 15, to increase disposal fees at the Robertson County Solid Waste Department, saying the move was to mitigate revenue losses.

According to County Mayor Billy Vogle, the last four months have seen an influx in solid waste which prompted the Solid Waste Committee to seek other fee options. The fee increase was suggested by the committee after research indicated the county was paying more to ship the excess waste out than revenue was coming in.

“There were several options looked at like the cities would pay us to help haul the trash, but since we have convenience centers scattered out in the country and rural areas in some towns than that’s free trash too. It’s not fair to charge a fee to any of the cities when you can go out use these convenience centers,” Vogle said. “We decided this is a business; it needs to be run like a business without any property tax involved.”

The new fees will increase from $54 to $60 per ton for in-county waste disposal. Out of county waste disposal will be raised from $64 to $75 per ton. Brush fees will be set at $40 per ton and tire fees at $100 per ton.

Vogle explained the new fees were based on the amount of money being spent hauling trash out of the county and the department’s waste history to create a fee match that will sustain itself in the future. The additional revenue will also go towards to maintenance and purchase of new equipment.

The new waste disposal fees will go into effect July 1.

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