Mike Crawford

Former Robertson Mayor Mike Crawford passed away on Saturday, Feb. 15.


Crawford, 83, was a Greenbrier local who spent many years of his life serving the people of Greenbrier as both a county commissioner and lawyer, as well as Robertson County’s mayor. 


He also worked in the local audit division which gave him important knowledge of how finances worked in the area.


County Mayor Billy Vogle served close to 16 years with Crawford as county commissioners.  Crawford was very instrumental in helping Vogle understand the role of county mayor and the budgets and needs of the county.


“While I served with him, it was always a joy because all the meetings were debatable,” Vogle said. “We debated and argued, but after it was all over, nobody held a grudge. Mike Crawford was very much a Robertson County man.”  


County Attorney Clyde Richards III first met Crawford in 1977 when Richards first started his law practice. Crawford was the elected county judge at the time, which is the position of county mayor now. After serving as county judge, he went back to working as a county commissioner once more.


“He was very active in the community, very involved with the county government, very involved with his church and family,” Richards said. “Mike was very well and very highly thought of by everyone.”


Crawford was always known for speaking his mind and fighting for what he believed was best for both Greenbrier and the county as a whole. He was an opinionated man who was respected by all and will be greatly missed.

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