Dayspring Academy hosted a graduation ceremony last Friday evening for the class of 2020. Ten students, along with immediate family and school faculty attended the event in the school’s auditorium with rows between them left empty for COVID-19 precautions.


The 10 students of the Dayspring class of 2020 are:


Easton Eller, Mya Gammons, Colton Harrison, Matthew Martin, Courtney Phillips, Lucienne Reinhard, Michael Tannehill, Ashlyn Thrift, Malone Thrift, and Benjamin Zachary


Headmaster Monecca Brewer welcomed the class, giving them praise for supporting each other through their high school years. 


“Tennis, volleyball, soccer, plays, piano performances, robotics competitions, back-to-back basketball championships - you each have challenged yourselves and others to do more, to go further, to be better,” she said.


Brewer talked about the strong bond between the students of the class of 2020. 


“Family – it takes work,” she said. “You have determined what you accept and what you will not accept from one another and you voiced it. Through this work, this humility, this determination, you’ve grown close. 


“I’m confident that throughout your life you’ll always fight for what is right. I’m sure you’ll win some and you’ll lose some. I’m sure your inner core will always allow you to give God the glory, no matter what.”


Two students shared the title of Valedictorian with identical grade point averages. Malone Thrift and Lucienne Reinhard both gave speeches highlighting favorite memories from their time at Dayspring. 


Thrift talked about a senior year cut short by the global pandemic. She talked about their last day in early March – a greeting at the door by Mrs. Brewer, Chemistry Lab with Mr. Hinson, Ms. Sally’s hot lunch, including her popular Heath bar cake. 


“We walked out the doors at 3:10 without any of us realizing that it would be the last time,” Thrift said.


Reinhard tearfully began, “I can’t say that this is the senior year I had imagined, but looking [back] in full retrospect, I can definitely say that I am thankful. I honestly never thought I would miss school so much, but time away has taught me to appreciate every moment we did get this year so much more.” 


Reinhard also thanked her sister and parents, “Over the years I have learned that family is about love and the people who are there for you, not DNA.


“Mom, you are my biggest role model. I look up to you so much and you are so under credited for everything you do for our family. Your strength, courage and love are so inspiring and something I hope to have one day.” 


The Dayspring 2020 Graduation Ceremony was broadcast online for extended family members and friends who could not attend. Alumni, students and parents parked along the road cheering the graduates as they left the building following the ceremony.


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