Robertson County youth submitted 112 entries for the 2020 4-H Virtual Fair.  Sonny Neal (Coopertown), Lily Weaver (Christian Community) and Allen Jones (Homeschool) were the winners of the “most entries submitted” award in their respective age groups.

The results were posted on the Robertson County TN 4-H Facebook page.  Categories offered were selected from the Robertson County Fair Association 2019 catalog.  The exhibits were entered in Garden, Farm Products, Baking, Canning and Creative Arts, plus the Pet Show. 

Prize money was provided by the United Way of Greater Nashville-Robertson County, and ribbons were provided by the Robertson County Fair Association.

Department A – Family & Consumer Science/Canning

Fruit/Vegetable and Jam/Jellies/Preserves- Lily Weaver- 1st

Department B– Family & Consumer Science/Canning

Biscuits- Lily Weaver-1st

Cornbread- Lily Weaver- 1st-

Muffins- Allen Jones-1st, Sonny Neal-2nd, Lily Weaver-3rd

Quick Loaf- Allen Jones-1st

Yeast Bread- Allen Jones-1st

Brownies- Sonny Neal-1st, Allen Jones-2nd

Cookies- Allen Jones-1st, Lily Weaver-2nd,  Sonny Neal-3rd

Pie- Sonny Neal-1st, Allen Jones-2nd

Cupcakes- Sony Neal-1st

Candy- Sonny Neal-1st, Lily Weaver-2nd, Allen Jones-3rd

Department C– Family & Consumer Science/Creative Arts

Any Painting -Allen Jones-1st, Richard Robles-2nd, Sonny Neal-3rd

Any Painting Cloverbuds- Lily Dunn-1st, Willow Dunn-2nd

Photography- Adaline Hamlin-1st, Allen Jones-2nd, Ava Lowe 3rd

Posters-Gracie Ring-1st, Sonny Neal-2nd, Allen Jones-3rd

Collection- Sonny Neal-1st, Allen Jones-2nd, Logan Weaver-3rd

Wood Craft- Logan Weaver-1st, Lily Weaver-2nd   ,Allen Jones-3rd

Misc. Craft Cloverbud- Willow Dunn-1st, Jaylen Blick-2nd

Misc. Craft- Lily weaver 1st, Logan Weaver-2nd, Sonny Neal-3rd

Lego Toy- Allen Jones-1st, Sonny Neal-2nd, Grace Felts-3rd

Decorated Shirt- Grace Felts-1st, Analyn Jones-2nd, Lily Weaver-3rd

Tabletop- Analyn Jones-1st, Allen Jones-2nd, Emma Henderson-3rd

Department E– Agriculture/Farm Products

Yellow Hybrid Corn- 10 ears-Jaylin Blick-1st

Eggs-one dozen-Grace Felts-1st

Department F– Agriculture/Garden & Misc.

Green Beans- Lily Weaver-1st

Cucumbers- Lily Weaver-1st

Okra- Lily Weaver-1st, Allen Jones-2nd, Jaylin Blick-3rd

Banana Peppers- Lily Weaver-1st

Bell Peppers- Adaline Hamlin-1st

Hot Peppers- Adaline Hamlin-1st, Allen Jones-2nd, Logan Weaver-3rd

Cherry Tomatoes- Adaline Hamlin-1st, Allen Jones-2nd

Wildlife Food Plot with Diversity of Plants- Sonny Neal-1st

4-H FACE Wildlife Record Book- Sonny Neal-1st

Department G– Agriculture/Fun Pet Show

Biggest Pet- Grace Felts-1st, Sonny Neal -2nd, Lily Weaver-3rd

Smallest Pet- Sonny Neal-1st, Allen Jones-2nd

Most Spots- Sonny Neal-1st

Longest Tail- Grace Felts-1st, Logan Weaver-2nd, Lily Weaver-3rd

Best Costume- Sonny Neal-1st, Analyn Jones-2nd, Lily Weaver-3rd

Owner Pet Look Alike- Allen Jones-1st

Cutest Pet- Ava Lowe-1st, Emma Henderson-2nd, Sonny Neal-3rd

Ugliest Pet- Sonny Neal-1st, Logan Weaver-2nd

Most Unusual- Sonny Neal-1st

Kathy Finley is an extension agent for the UT Extension Office of Robertson County.