Residents on Mt. Zion Road say this nearby bio solids recycling and storage facility is creating a negative impact on their community. SUBMITTED

After growing concerns over a biosolids recycling and storage facility at 4714 Mt. Zion Road in Springfield, nearby residents recently filed a lawsuit in hopes of getting some relief. 

Residents said they were tired of the negative impact the biosolids smell was having on their lives and filed the suit against the operator of the facility - Tycowa, LLC on Oct. 2.

Now, Tycowa is suing back for defamation.

Tycowa’s “Music City Gold” is an alternative fertilizer made from biosolids also known as treated human waste. They have a contract with Metro Nashville to haul, store and apply thousands of tons of waste, which has now ended up in Robertson County.

In a study done by the Environmental Protect Agency in 2018, a total of 352 pollutants were identified in biosolids. According to the report, the EPA lacks the data to determine the safety of these pollutants, but the “analysis determined that the 352 pollutants include 61 designated as acutely hazardous, hazardous or priority pollutants in other programs.” 

Tycowa LLC’s website claims their product “is safe for human or pet contact.”

Tycowa LLC had entered a five-year contract with Robertson County. Those living near the facility are worried about the impact to themselves as well as the environment by having these biosolids being stored so close to them.

After the initial lawsuit was filed against Robertson County, Tycowa LLC, and Metro Nashville, the company is firing back. Tycowa LLC has issued a counter suit for false claims made by the residents in news and on social media.

Both parties will continue to gather information and evidence to back their lawsuits. Meetings with a judge could happen as earlier as mid-December. 

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