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Two rezoning requests in the Cedar Hill area were approved by the Robertson County Commission at last week’s monthly meeting, in an effort to preserve more rural farmland.

The first request, brought forth by John Warner, was to rezone two acres of land from Agricultural/Residential (AG-2) to Rural Preservation (RP-80) on Stroud Road, just south of Interstate 24 in the 7th voting district. The planning and zoning commission had previously approved the proposal by a vote of 6-0.

The second request came from James B. Herndon, who requested to rezone 1.85 acres from AG-2 to RP-80, located on Buzzard Creek Road in Cedar Hill. This request was also unanimously approved by the planning commission.

Although a public hearing was held for both resolutions, no one came forward to speak for either zoning requests. Both were ultimately approved by the commission with a unanimous vote.

Nominations and committee appointments

Several new appointments also took place during the commission meeting. After having met earlier that evening, the nominating committee, presented by Commissioner Faye Stubblefield, brought forth five new nominations for the Equalization Board to the floor for a vote.

County boards of equalization are authorized to receive and hear appeals of current year property tax assessments as determined by the county assessor of property. Generally, an assessment must be appealed to the county board of equalization to preserve the taxpayer’s right to further appeal.

The five nominations for the board were Doug Aldridge, Bill Jones, David Lee, Bob Lipscomb, and David Love. All five were nominated with a vote of approval from the commission.

Along with the Equalization Board nominations, newly appointed District 2 Commissioner Kim Reid was selected to fill the vacant committee spots left behind by the departure of her father, the late Don Eden, whom Reid replaced on the commission.

“Kim, you’ve got big shoes to fill. We’re glad you’re here and personally on my level, I loved your dad, and I’ve known him for years,” Stubblefield said.

With approval from the rest of the commission, Reid was officially nominated for the offices of EMS committee, finance audit committee, personnel committee and solid waste committee.

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