Brandon Woodall

On April 14, The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a possible stabbing on Old Greenbrier Pike in Greenbrier.

Upon arrival, a deputy spoke to Ronnie Gainous.

According to the affidavit, Gainous advised that he and his daughter had just stopped at the property to feed the animals when they noticed a silver truck in the driveway that did not belong there.

Gainous identified Brandon Woodall and his wife, Desiree Woodall, as the vehicle occupants.

He then advised that Mr. Woodall started demanding money from him, claiming that Gainous still owed him from past work done. Gainous told Mr. Woodall that he did not owe him any money and that he would not be paying him any further.

Mr. Woodall then withdrew a pocket knife opened the blade and advance towards Gainous.

Gainous told police he was in fear of his safety and began physically fighting Mr. Woodall over control of the knife.

While this was occurring, Mrs. Woodall came up behind Gainous and struck him in the back of the head with an unopened bottle of Pepsi.

Gainous was able to gain control of the knife from Mr. Woodall, at which time Mr. and Ms. Woodall realized Gainous was on the phone with dispatch, according to the report.

Mr. and Ms. Woodall fled north bound on Old Greenbrier Pike.

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