Tractor-art stopping traffic in White House

This painted tractor in front of Studio 76 in White House is attracting plenty of attention. SAVANNAH ELLER

An intriguing outdoor exhibit is turning heads and attracting visitors to an art studio in White House.

Studio 76, an art gallery and school run by Charlotte Byrdfeather, is hosting the temporary exhibition of a piece of ordinary-life-turned art – an antique tractor painted with bright, swirling pastel colors. “It’s a pretty unusual thing,” said Byrdfeather.

The tractor-art was originally created for display at the Pilgrimage Music Festival in Franklin, Tenn. in September. The tractor, hand-selected by the team behind American Pickers and donated from a farm in Alabama, was painted by Kentucky Artist Andee Rudoff. After the festival, the tractor was transported to Studio 76, not without some curiosity from onlookers. “It stopped traffic,” said Byrdfeather.

Since the beginning of its residency at Studio 76, the unusual tractor has continued to attract attention from passersby. Byrdfeather says people often stop in to ask questions about the piece of art, staying to admire other, smaller works from local artists in the studio. Several people have even made offers to buy the tractor.

Byrdfeather plans to have the tractor on exhibit until Christmas, at which time it will either move to another art studio or be sold.

“We haven’t decided yet where it will go,” she said.

Regardless of its final destination, Byrdfeather said the tractor teaches an important lesson about the nature of artistic expression.

“You can take anything and make it art,” she said. 

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