Last Wednesday, the White House Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed one of its newest members, The Meat Sweats BBQ, with a ribbon cutting at the restaurant’s brand-new White House location.

Located at 143 Edenway Drive, the new restaurant is The Meat Sweats’ second location, which first opened in Hendersonville in 2018. Owner and founder Martin Tudon says the idea behind opening a White House location came from an overwhelming show of support from social media.

“It’s surreal really. We never really thought we would open one restaurant up and we did. Just little by little, things got moving and we saw that there was some interest in White House. We started putting up posts on Facebook here and there, with some interaction back and forth. At one point I made a silly post saying, ‘If you come, we’ll build it.’ We got a tremendous response similar to what we got from our Hendersonville site, so that was my confirmation that we needed to be up there,” Tudon said.

While originally born and raised in Texas, Tudon moved to Tennessee with his wife and kids several years ago. Having missed the smoked brisket from his home state, he soon began to smoke his own. Tudon and his wife eventually started a catering business after the encouragement of many people that tried his food. The business soon became a full-service restaurant in 2018.

“We were catering, and my wife just said we couldn’t keep doing this out of our house anymore. So, we opened the Hendersonville store with the intention of it just being a catering place. But everyone loved the food so much that our takeout and sit down became more popular, and with that our catering business actually grew as well.”

The Meat Sweats serves a variety of barbecue and smoked meats, from brisket, ribs, smoked chicken, and pulled pork. Along with individual meals, meat is also sold by the pound.

“After I met my second wife, she had a passion for cooking and baking as well. One weekend we decided to just make meat and sell it online,” Tudon said. “I think at first, we were doing two briskets a weekend and four pork butts a weekend. Now we’re doing about 24 briskets a day and 40 butts a day with ribs and chicken on top of that with all of the sides along with it.”

Along with their two restaurant locations, The Meat Sweats also operates two food trucks. Tudon says they were one of the first food trucks to go out to different neighborhoods during the pandemic. They have also provided food for events at local churches, such as Long Hollow Baptist Church and First Baptist Church in Hendersonville.

Aside from running his restaurant, Tudon and his family have been very active in giving back to his local community and also shares his love of barbecue with others.

After helping the city of Hendersonville by hosting their barbecue competition last year, Tudon says he is looking into doing the same for White House. He hopes to soon start offering classes to teach others how to smoke brisket, ribs, and other meats.

“There’s a lot of things that we do that are not published, for a lot of reasons. We really are a ministry disguised as a restaurant. I look at opportunities to help people, and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve catered for funerals that we don’t post about, just because we think it’s a private thing, and we just want people to have a good meal. We’ve also done weddings and rehearsals dinners as well as for softball and little league teams. So, we’re a part of people’s lives and love doing anything we can to benefit the community.”

Tudon also remarked how impressed he was with the overwhelming support at the grand opening in White House, and that he is looking forward to partnering with other businesses and serving others in the community.

“I was really taken back by the amount of people that were there to support us, especially from other businesses,” he said. “As our General Manager Richard Boyles was speaking, I just looked around at everybody that was so excited for us. It just felt good and really felt like we were at home to be honest. Even though I don’t live in White House, it’s a great community and there was a great vibe that day. We’re going to be partnering with businesses there here soon.”

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