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The City of Springfield has made public the ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan designed to bring the city into compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

On Thursday, Aug. 8, the city invited the public to view the 300-page document and talk with engineers from Wiser Consultants, LLC, the company that the city hired to conduct the study.

There was only one person in attendance, according to city leaders.

The ADA transition plan must be submitted to the Tennessee Dept. of Transportation by September of 2019.

It lists every intersection, city-owned building, handicap ramp, sidewalk and curb that needs to be improved in order to comply with ADA regulations.

Additionally, the plan evaluates all of the Springfield parks and the facilities at each park.

The anticipated cost of making improvements is listed beside each project.

The total list of street improvements alone is $4.1 million, according to the document.

One of the more costly facility improvements listed is that of the city’s Center on Main Street.

The approximate cost for the Center upgrade would be $96,605, according to the report.

The first priority at the Center would address parking and access to the building, costing a little more than $27,000.

With no interior access to the second floor currently available, the report recommends installing an elevator, lift or interior ramp to gain access to the second floor, at an estimated cost of $60,000.

Changes to restrooms throughout city buildings are also named, including stalls that are too narrow or are in need of rear or side grab bars, paper towel dispensers that are too high, exposed pipes that need to be covered or insulated and also doors with non-ADA compliant signage.

Not all of the projects need to be addressed immediately.

The study indicates that the city should schedule funding for budgeting remediation over a period of a suggested 10 years to comply.

Springfield Assistant City Manager Ryan Martin said after Thursday’s public meeting, the next step includes city leaders acting on the adoption of a plan.  

“Wiser Consultants, LLC will now begin finalizing the plan to present to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen,” Martin said. “Once the plan is approved and adopted, projects will be prioritized and completed according to available funding.”

Martin said that some of the projects may take longer to complete, based on funding.

“Part of the agreement with Wiser is that they will recommend a prioritization of projects in the plan,” Martin said. “We will keep the plan on the website and then post the final plan that is approved and submitted to the state once that takes place.”

To view the ADA Transition Plan, visit the city’s website at https://www.springfield-tn.org/

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