The Mt. Denson church family and friends hosted the 15th annual Breakfast with Santa. SUBMITTED

On Dec. 7, Mt. Denson Church members, family and friends hosted the 15th annual Breakfast with Santa.  This event is funded entirely by church members and free labor is provided by church members and helpers.  

Among the helpers we have church members, family members of church members, friends of church members and young adults who attended the very first breakfast.  

We especially missed our fellow church member, Herman “Jr.” Murphey with is this year.  Jr. had worked many long hours in the kitchen preparing, cooking and cleaning both for this event and every event held at Mt. Denson.  He passed from this life on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019. We were wonderfully blessed to count Jr. as a member of our church family as well as our friend.  

About eight years ago, Mt. Denson began accepting donations to be used to provide for children in our area who would not have any Christmas gifts under their tree otherwise.  After two years of buying and delivering toys ourselves we partnered with what is now Kiwanis for Kids. 

This year Mt. Denson Church was able to donate over $1,300 to Kiwanis for Kids through the generosity of our guests and their families. This is the 6th year we have donated to Kiwanis for Kids and have been told this event provides the largest single donation for this program.

This year, for the first time ever, Devon Bush Bull, who attended the very first breakfast, brought her baby daughter, Ellysin Bull to have breakfast and her picture taken with Santa!  To many families this event has become one of their Christmas traditions. 

This event is open to anyone.  Save your date for Saturday, Dec. 5, 2020 to join us for the 15th annual Breakfast with Santa at Mt. Denson Church.  Registration will open Monday, Nov. 2 at 8 am.  To register simply go to 














Billy Mac and Karen Sweatt – Cofounders

Clint Sweatt – Ticket Booth

Linda Price – Ticket Booth

Gage Wilks – Conductor

Prayer Room – Amber Gower

Reindeer Food – Pam Murphey

Letters to Santa – Presley Richards

Ornaments – Kelly Richards

Coloring books and crayons – Stephanie Casey

Storybooks – Sara “TC” Arms

Christian Life Center Decoration – Karen Price

Christian Life Center Decoration – Melinda Price

Christian Life Center Decoration – Stacey Douglas

Christian Life Center Decoration – Candice Moore

Upstairs Decorations – Ashley Wilks

Upstairs Decorations – Gage Wilks

Upstairs Decorations – Lacey Wilks

Upstairs Decorations – Kelly Richards

Upstairs Decorations – Presley Richards

Upstairs Decorations – Clint Sweatt

Upstairs Decorations – Sheana Sweatt

Upstairs Decorations – Corbin Sweatt

Upstairs Decorations – Pam Murphey

Upstairs Decorations – Amber Gower

Santa’s Helper – Jean Blick

Photographer – Ashley Wilks

Photographer’s Helper – Kylie Jones

Photo Printing – Carter Casey

Photo Printing – Corbin Sweatt

Photo Printing – Wanda Cohea

Server – Natalie Sweatt

Server – Casey Sweatt

Server – Cathy Corbin

Server – John Cohea

Server – Izzy Castro

Kitchen – Billy Sweatt

Kitchen – Coop Gupton

Kitchen – Casey Sweatt 

Kitchen – Ricky Ayres

Kitchen – Jimmy Ayres

Kitchen – Jr. Murphey – though not in body, he was there in spirit

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