Local food business giving back

Julie and Richard Saunders at the 2017 Jingle Mingle. FILE PHOTO

An online food business based in White House, Reddmen’s Food, is gaining customers and creating ties with the community in its first year of operation.

Started by couple Richard and Julie Saunders, the company began in January of last year. Richard Saunders said he and his wife were inspired to begin a food business when family friends started selling their own sweet pepper relish recipe.

“We wanted to go in with them on it, but they said no,” he explained. “So I said, ’Why don’t we just do our own thing?’’’

Sourcing products from three different food producers in the United States, the Saunders package and sell condiments and specialty food items: seven types of salsa, hot and sweet pepper relish, pepper jelly, BBQ sauce, and beef jerky. While the Saunders do not make the food they sell themselves, Richard Saunders says each product is unique to the company. “What we have, you’re not going to find in Walmart or Kroger,” he said.

In addition to the company’s online presence, Reddmen’s Food products are also featured in several local specialty and grocery stores, including Nervous Charlie’s Fireworks in White House and Main Street Boutique in Springfield. The Saunders also often represent their company with booths at public events, open-air markets, and conventions.

As the Saunders grow their business, they are also interested in giving back to the community. In fall of last year, they decided to start volunteering with the Fisher House, an organization that provides housing to family members of veterans currently in treatment at VA hospitals. Partnering with Jaws Jumbo Burgers, the Saunders purchase meals for the residents at a discounted price, serving food at the Fisher House’s two locations in Murfreesboro and at Fort Campbell once a month.

“It’s a wonderful organization,” said Saunders.

The Saunders are currently receiving donations of toiletries and other household items for the Fisher House at Authentic Coffee Chop in Millersville.

To learn more about Reddmen’s, visit the company’s website at www.reddmens.com.

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