cuba trip photo 2019

Those from Ridgetop included Nelson Silva (top row, left); and David and Rebecca Garner (2nd row: second and third from left). Not pictured was Chris Armantrout.

The island of Cuba was the destination for four members of the Ridgetop Seventh-day Adventist Church, along with 10 others from middle Tennessee.

Their purpose was to hold evangelistic meetings and deliver 1,200 pounds of donations, including clothes, school supplies and hygiene items. Organized by the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference Youth Department, the group held week-long evangelistic series at 12 different churches.

A translator was provided for each of the speakers, most of them lay men and women.

Rebecca Garner, one of the speakers said, “Preaching in Cuba was a humbling and rewarding experience. I hope to go back someday.”

The group said they were welcomed with open arms and with generous gifts of local produce from their newly made friends.

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