The first day of school at White House Heritage began early on Monday, Aug. 5, with the arrival of White House Chamber of Commerce members and community leaders. Present also were White House police officers, firemen, and Robertson County Sheriff’s deputies along with the teachers and staff. When the doors opened, every student was welcomed with high fives and well wishes. 

A rousing pep rally immediately followed in the gymnasium where both the high school and middle school principals welcomed students and introduced every teacher. They then had games and music played by the school band.

Robertson County Schools Director Dr. Chris Causey said he is enthusiastic about the upcoming year.

“I am excited and happy to have the opportunity to hire teachers with experience including one new science teacher from New York. When teachers hear about Robertson County Schools, they want to come here.”

Causey mentioned two new programs to the district this year - a new Bio STEM program at White House Heritage High School to prepare students for the medical and technical fields and a new Digital and Graphic Arts program at Jo Byrns High School that will start in the Spring.

Similarly, a first day Back to School Bash was held at White House High School on Monday with many of the teachers and students enjoying a western theme.

“It is a chance for the new students to get to know about the White House community and culture,” said Marketing and Digital Arts teacher Kris Freeman.

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