Dragonfly Comics and Collectibles celebrated a Grand Opening on Jan. 18 with giveaways and a cosplay costume contest.  Owner, Patrick Legg left a career in banking to do what he has wanted to do since the age of 14 – open a comic book store. 


“As a teen, I found camaraderie, acceptance and a place in the world for me when I read comic books. They took me to a world far removed from my own and helped expand my imagination. My love for reading stuck with me through my teen years and into adulthood as well, and this was boosted by a local comic shop that I loved to visit.”


Along with partner, Kevin Rogers, Legg hopes the store will appeal to all ages. Specializing in Pop Bobble heads, Ad Icons, comics, graphic novels and collectibles, Dragonfly Comics also has an online store.


Rogers will manage the online merchandise and boasts a background in retail management and a passion for all things Star Wars. It will be his job to feature new arrivals on Facebook and Twitter. 


Unique to the area, Dragonfly offers a free comic pull box program that allows customers to order specific comics to be pulled and held for up to 30 days for subscribers. This service also ensures that customers have their favorite titles ready each month and will not have to worry about missing an issue. 


According to Legg, “This type of service is long standing with comic shops but the online capability is something that helps to put more control in our customers’ hands.”


The store plans to host a Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 2. They plan to give away over 20 comic titles suitable for all ages. It is hoped that the event will also encourage young readers. 


Legg said of his goals for the new business, “Dragonfly Comics & Collectibles mission is to foster a love of reading by offering comic book fans a place to find the comics they love and to find new favorites, too. I strive to offer a selection for readers of all ages, including comics from brands like DC, Marvel, and a wide line of independent comics like Dark Horse and Image as well. 


“I’ll also help provide direction to readers looking for something that fits what they want to be reading. I’d love to help provide people the joy that comics brought to me, but also to find a community they can be a part of and belong to.”


Dragonfly Comics is located at 111 TN-76 and is open every day except Tuesday. Hours, special events and featured items can be found on their website dragonflycomics.com

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