Chicks fascinate all ages at Morningside

The chicks at Morningside are fascinating both residents and visitors of the Springfield assisted living facility.

The Morningside Assisted Living facility, located at 205 Westgate Dr., participated in the Hatch-the-Chicken program - which benefitted both the senior clients of the facility as well as several pre-K children from Bransford Elementary School.

The event was so successful, it could become an annual event in the future.

On Thursday, April 11, the students and pre-K teacher Jennifer Cobb visited the assisted living facility to see the eggs in an incubator.

“They were able to see movement inside the eggs through a candling process,” according to Stacy Causey, with community relations at Morningside. “Then through a video recording, the students were able to watch the first chick hatch. He was named J.J.”

The students were especially excited on Thursday, April 25 to re-visit Morningside to pet J.J. and the rest of the chicks that had hatched.

“Morningside residents, families and team members all enjoyed the experience,” Causey said. “We were very excited to share it with Ms. Jennifer’s class. Plans are already in the works to make this an annual event.”

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