A new coffee house and bistro in White House - 672 Brew located at 575 Sage Road - offers a variety of coffees and teas along with a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner plates with craft beers and wine. 

Owners Annah and Jamie Nixon are excited about the opening and about the community gathering place they hope it will become. 

As a specialty coffee shop, many coffee flavors and roast varieties are on the menu including blends from Peru, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia. All the usual coffee drinks are available along with some unusual choices such as lavender latte, chai and Cuban. Milk alternatives include almond, hemp, macadamia, oat and soy. 

The breakfast menu includes omelets, waffles, breakfast biscuits, cinnamon rolls and avocado toast. Waffles are available all day and include popular favorites such as Nutella, chocolate chip cookie dough and berry blast. They also offer seasonal muffins. Items will be offered that are   keto friendly, sugar free, gluten free and all natural from the Healthy Body Bakery. 

The lunch menu begins at 11 a.m. and features a hummus plate, quinoa salad, strawberry spinach salad, turkey salad and wraps. They also offer traditional sandwiches including homemade chicken salad, pimento cheese and BLTs. The owners have partnered with local caterer, The Bakery Box to offer a pimento cheese sandwich box.

After 5 p.m. each day, flatbread pizza can be ordered along with craft beers and wines. 

The venue has a small stage to host monthly entertainment starting with local celebrity, Sarah Peasall at the grand opening on Sep. 24, at 10:30 a.m. Door prizes and free refreshments will be given during the event.

The business has a special function room with a large conference table, TV monitor and seating for approximately 20. Outdoor seating includes couches, low tables and two fire features. 

In addition to traditional tables and chairs, the restaurant also has couches and arm chairs along with free WIFI and numerous outlets and cable chargers for study or workspaces.

Hours of operation for 672 Brew are Monday-Thursday 6 a.m. to 8.p.m., Friday 6 a.m. – 9.p.m., Saturday 7.a.m. – 9.p.m. and Sunday 7 a.m. – 4.p.m. The website is www.672-brew.com where the full menu is available and orders can be placed for immediate pickup. 

Owner Annah Nixon sat down with the Connection on the first day of business to talk about 672 Brew:

How did you get the idea to start a coffee shop?  “It just fell into my lap. I love coffee and I have a reputation at work (Tate Ornamental) for spoiling them with coffees. When the idea came up to open a shop here, I thought, that’s my dream! I’ve always wanted to work in a coffee shop. I tried to get a job with Starbucks for years and I just couldn’t ever do it. I needed a steady job with regular hours.

“Think about it. Pray about it. Talk to Jamie about it and let me know,” my business partner suggested. My husband said, “Babe, you’re going to kill this! You’re going to say yes right?”

What are you most excited about?  “I’m most excited about the ministry that this place will be for people.  Our tag line is ‘A White House Original’ – that comes from my life. My parents raised us to be very independent and always to be true to yourself.  As long as you are showing love, you are being successful. Jamie has helped to bring out the best in me. I have told all of the employees here to come as you are. Be who you are and I want you to grow while you are here. We want our customers to feel the unconditional love we have for this community.  

“I feel like God prepared me up to this point to say, “Here is your opportunity to put all the pieces together and to find your niche, work it out and make it beautiful.” I’m excited for our customers to have a place to come, to just sit, feel the breeze, and relax. We offer free WIFI and workspace, but we don’t have TVs. They can come and have personal time on their phones and laptops or they can enjoy conversation and build relationships. Come to relax, refuel, recharge, or refresh.

Tell me about the menu.  “Now that I’m a business owner, I’m looking at things a little differently. I have a responsibility to my community to give them something that is going to be nutritious, but also something that they can look forward to that’s tasty. We have options. That might be a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit for one person and a quinoa salad for another. My mom has been gluten free for several years and has gained health benefits. My son has Down Syndrome so it is important that he keep to a balanced diet. My daughter is lactose intolerant, so it [healthy food] is always on my mind.” 

What is the origin of the name?  “672 is the original White House phone number prefix from back when every town had its own unique identifier. We want to be a White House original. Feel free to call us anytime – at 672-BREW!”

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